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The first official promo trailer for [The Blacklist](tag:891587) season 3 landed a few days ago, and it's certainly caught the attention of fans.


As usual it's Spader stealing the show, joking "it's good to be wanted" as they run from the FBI, waving around a shotgun rather menacingly, blood dripping from a nasty looking head wound as Ode to Joy plays in the background.

Badassery 101
Badassery 101

Season 3 Picks Up Right Where [The Blacklist](tag:891587) Season 3 Left Off

"Step 1 is get out of D.C., which is a city that is designed to be able to be locked down in an incredibly short amount of time. Things go wrong."

Series creator Jon Bokenkamp previously confirmed that there wouldn't be a passage of time between Season 2 and the Season 3 opener, and the trailer certainly delivers on that promise.

So Season 3 will kick off with Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff) and the rest of the team hot on the heels of Reddington (James Spader) and their ex-colleague Liz (Meghan Boone), now wanted for the murder of Tom Connolly.

Pew pew
Pew pew

Sadly, even though he totally had it coming, it's still frowned upon to murder the United States Attorney General, especially when you're without evidence that he was operating as a member of criminal organisation The Cabal. So it's on the run for Liz and Red, as usual, is along for the ride right from the get-go.

Liz Goes Blonde

Well, I mean, that just makes sense. When you're on the run from the FBI who, not only know what you look like but also are people you used to work with, hiding your appearance is probably going to be step numero uno.

According to Bokenkamp however, there's a narrative reason for this also:

"What we hit on in the story is that by virtue of her being on the run and having to change her look, she ends up realising that she may look like her mother. It felt like a really nice, organic way to take the on-the-run story of two fugitives and yet tie it back into the mythology of who Liz is, who Red is, what their relationship is and to lean into the bigger question of identity."

Does This Mean We'll Finally Learn The Big Secret?

Who is Red? Who is Liz? Last season we learned more about Liz's origins as Masha Rostova and her role in the death of the person we assume to be her father, but the Red connection still lies unsolved.

Clearly Liz's mother, ex-KGB agent Katarina Rostova, is going to have a leading role as the narrative unfolds in Season 3, and the link between her and Red may prove to be the key that unlocks the truth of their relationship. Hopefully she'll make a physical appearance, but as of the moment we're unaware if she's dead or alive.

And still theories persist about said relationship, with fans divided into two general camps: Red either being Liz's father (or other relation) or being in love with her.

Indeed his reaction to her new haircut in the trailer seems to lean more towards the latter...

Tumblr is already all over this GIF. Be warned.
Tumblr is already all over this GIF. Be warned.

A New Villain Appears

Edi Gathegi will appear in The Blacklist Season 3
Edi Gathegi will appear in The Blacklist Season 3

This doesn't come from the trailer, but it's pertinent news regardless as the next antagonist that Red and Lizzie are going to be facing up against has been announced - Edi Gathegi, perhaps best known for his short lived role as Darwin in X-Men: First Class.

He'll be playing the mysterious Mr. Solomon, a 'cleaner' and hired hand for the Cabal. EW reports that his character will be "unassuming and soft-spoken on the surface, with a hidden (and terrifying) capacity for violence, Mr. Solomon is a monster in gentleman’s clothing."

Exciting stuff.

Do you have a theory about The Blacklist Season 3? Share it with us in the comments!


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