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Miss your chance to watch the latest Gravity Falls episode? Well fear not! Here's your breakdown of everything that happened in The Stanchurian Candidate, along with all the latest hints, Easter eggs, and secret codes!

So buckle up kids, because it's time to choose Gravity Falls' new mayor (and it might not be who you'd expect). But first, to sleuthing!

The Mystery In The Mystery Shack

This episode was fairly light on the conspiracy theories we love so much, but there's still plenty to be gleaned from subtle hints. And, as with many other episodes, The Stanchurian Candidate contained plenty of suggestions of Stan's death: his tombstone was mentioned twice!

"Do I really want crooked grifter on my tombstone? How about: crooked mayor!"

Granted, the second time Stan talks about his tombstone he is actually jumping from a cliff face from an explosion so... that one makes a lot of sense in context. But he's avoiding a fiery death, which many fans have already noticed is a recurrent theme. We know one character will not survive the season, as Alex Hirsch revealed in a tweet. Of course, this could refer to Mayor Eustace Hucklebum Beffuflefumpter, who has finally shuffled off this mortal coil...

Mayor of Gravity Falls is not long for this world..
Mayor of Gravity Falls is not long for this world..

But isn't that a bit anti-climactic? We'll just have to wait and see to find out if Beffuflefumpter was the person Hirsch was referring to, or if he has sinister plans for one of the main characters...

In the last two episodes, we've seen Dipper get closer to Great Uncle Ford. This is very heartwarming, but this may lead Dipper down a dangerous road as he starts getting involved in Ford's plans. Hirsch revealed in an interview with AV Club that the rest of the season may prove difficult for Dipper, after the "huge betrayal" of discovering Stan's secrets.

"I think it will leave him feeling isolated from his family in a way he hasn’t been before. Where these feelings take Dipper will be explored in the upcoming episodes."

So watch this space: will Dipper do something drastic as he becomes more isolated from Stan? Or is this just a red herring from Disney's greatest trickster? (Alex Hirsch, not Bill Cipher. Bill comes a close second.)

Finally, the code from the end of the episode reads:


Of course referring to the unholy combination of Gideon and Bill!! Next episode is going to be a rollercoaster. But onto the recap!

Vote For Stan!

The episode starts quite sadly, as we follow Stan try to take care of his family by replacing a lightbulb, only to discover that Ford has already fixed the problem (and then some!). But his misery is short lived once we find out about the upcoming elections, and he decides to run for mayor!

But running against Stan is none other than Bud Gleeful! Who, as it turns out later, just wants the mayorship so he can free his son Gideon. (Called it.) Mabel and Dipper soon deduce as much, and decide to help Stan in his candidacy. After a disastrous attempt at a telephone interview, leading to damning memes, the twins seek the help of Ford (who is hiding in the basement tinkering with mysterious gadgets).

Naturally, Ford has the solution: a mind control tie!

"I prepared a prototype for Ronald Reagan's masters."

This raises so many questions. Why was Ford working for the government during Reagan's presidency? Is he still in league with the CIA? Is this just a joke that we shouldn't take too seriously?

Speculations aside, the twins start to use the tie to help Stan, and it works like a charm. Stan rises through the ranks of public opinion, going from most hated candidate to a shoe-in for Mayor. Unfortunately, it's not long before this goes to his head, and after refusing to let the kids boss him around, Dipper lets slip that they've been controlling him the whole time. Needless to say, Stan fires them as campaign managers.

Meanwhile, Gideon has taken a leaf out of the Pines' book and casts a possession spell over his own father, so he too can control the election. Oh, and I'm not kidding about the book. Did you wonder where he got that page? Well, blink and you'll miss it!

How did Gideon manage to tear out the page? Maybe we'll find out next week!

The competition is really heating up in the final round, with the possessed Bud charming the crowd in a song and dance routine. But not everyone is taken in: Dipper and Mabel soon work out that Gideon is behind Bud's new persona. To hide the truth, Gideon/Bud captures the twins and traps them in the memorial being built for Mayor Beffuflefumpter.

Luckily, Stan hears them yelling, and abandons his speech to heroically save them. Amid the crowd's cheers, Stan tears off his sleeves and climbs the mountain, punching a few eagles for good measure. And his efforts pay off!

With the kids safe, Stan is overwhelmed by the town's enthusiasm, and is immediately elected mayor. Until his criminal past is discovered. But he's not too sad about being disqualified, as the kids make sure he knows just how much of a hero he is.

All's well that ends well.... except it hasn't ended yet. In the credits scene, Gideon finally summons Bill! What horrific plans do they have for Gravity Falls? Can the town survive their terrifying team up? Tune in on September 7th, and until then, keep those journals ready!


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