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The streaming giant has struck a content deal with Japan’s Softbank as it accelerates its expansion rollout globally.

Netflix Inc. has entered into a biggest deal with Japan’s leading Internet and telecommunications service provider Softbank Corporation. The move will start the launch of streaming service in Japan, scheduled for Wednesday September 2. The start in the attractive market of Asia is one of the part of streaming giant’s ambitious plan to extend its services across the globe to over 200 countries by the end of fiscal year 2016.

As per the agreement, the Softbank subscribers will now be able to sign-up for the company’s video streaming service at the retail outlets of Softbank, via its electronic retail chain, website, and by call centers.

Along with that, the company disclosed that the services will be free in the beginning for the starting one month, as a free trial. After that, a 3 tier monthly package will be applied. The pricing package ranges from $5.4 to $12.2 per month, depending on the service a subscriber want. The overall services ranges from a single stream definition plan to premium plan with 4 stream Ultra-HD 4K family package.

Softbank will also initiate pre-installing the Netflix’s app on its linked smartphones starting from October. Netflix and Softbank have also joined hands to establish original content to cater the local people needs.

Softbank is among the largest mobile carriers and leading Telecommunication Company in the country. The partnership will let Japanese company and mobile users to pay for the streaming fees via its payment system.

Netflix Inc. will be contending with Hulu in Japan, which sold its Japanese sector to Nippon Television in February last year.

The kickoff in Japan poses a profitable opportunity for the streaming service. Japan is connected with approximately 36 million household via broadband, which makes it the biggest addressable markets that the streaming giant might enter outside United States. As of the last quarter, Netflix has more than 65 million subscribers in over 50 countries across the globe.

The streaming companies debut in Japan will accelerate its global rollout plan, which is most likely to be finalized by the year 2016. In the upcoming week, the people in Japan will gain an access to the biggest video streaming service, and will be able to watch their favorite movies, TV shows in HD online. The entrance in the booming and flourishing markets shows Netflix’s first move towards global expansion, and boosting its Asian market share.

Netflix, Inc. stock was up 4.79% to $101.52 at market close on Tuesday August 25.


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