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What we always hear are words about diversity and acceptance, but in reality the majority neither embrace diversity or accept people who don't match their set of values. Many people instead impose their narrow minded way of thinking on others and instead of exploring their feelings, use a false platform like religious beliefs to justify hatred and intolerance. I believe differences in things like beliefs, lifestyles, talents, looks and backgrounds are what make life worth living. The best discussions can be between two people with differing views on a subject who are able to share their views and accept the perspective of another.

Todays pop culture is a perfect example. You hear many negative comments about someone like Miley Cyrus, a young woman with much talent who, as she has grown up, has boldly chosen to express her opinions and lifestyle. Many criticize her for being after the spotlight or money. And many appear to have anger just because she is confident enough to be who she is, which is not an easy task at any age. It's as if her choices affect them, which they don't. As was said, no one is forced to listen to her or to agree with her choices.... The other argument that people love is that she is a role model for young people and therefore she should act a certain way. Maybe she is a good role because she is true to herself, rather than to the stereotype that society imposes. Let's face it, has she really done anything so terrible or so different than many at that age?!

Then take Taylor Swift, another talented, beautiful, accomplished young woman. While she receives much acclaim, at the same time people don't always speak well, with such comments as "she's too perfect" or "she can't keep a man"...In this case, she really represents everything we say we want in a pop star... She's intelligent, talented, well spoken... But it's still not enough. Now, almost driven by jealousy, people find fault. Instead of opening their mind, learning from others and concentrating on living life, energy is wasted with unkind words and judgment. Agreed that both these women are entertainers and part of what they do is "entertain"... But regardless, they are still just two people living life.

I believe some of the answer may be that so many people can't truly express themselves for fear receipt of the same judgement they impose on others. It appears human nature and the power society has as a whole on our behavior is our own worst enemy. While in one breath everyone says the right thing and claims to accept everyone, in reality, most don't live this belief in their everyday actions. Those who look different, believe different, worship differently or have different lifestyles are often ostracized and treated unfairly. Often their own fears or misunderstanding is turned outward and the fact that people are treated with hatred, disrespect and anger becomes acceptable.


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