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One of my favorite Marvel villains is also one of the best. Red Skull, he is the arch-nemesis of Marvel's beloved Captain America. If you look at the superheroes in the MCU alongside their villains, Cap's most notorious is Red Skull. The Captain represents hope, freedom, America's once high morals, and democracy. Whereas Red Skull ideals in evil and communism, very akin to being the definition of a high profile Nazi head-figure.

Is Red Skull REALLY dead?

As we know at the end of Captain America: The First Avenger during the final battle, Captain America and Red Skull fight on Red Skull's ship as Captain America saves him from bombing New York. Cap throws his shield at the Tesseract and Red Skull picks it up, getting sucked into space. Now, he did NOT die! If you have not seen it recently, please watch the scene again because as he gets vacuumed away, he is definitely not dying. After the movie in 2011 everyone - including me - thought that Red Skull was dead. But, after the Avengers films and pieces from other Marvel movies we have seen since, we know that Red Skull is up in space... somewhere.

I love this picture!
I love this picture!

What has Red Skull been up to lately?

If Red Skull is really up there, then who is he with? The Chitauri? Or maybe it's pretty obvious that he is with none other than Thanos himself. Thanos will not be fighting by himself in Infinity Wars, there will be other villains, after all. In fact, I don't think Thanos will be fighting until Part 2. By the end of Part 1, he will probably have already retrieved all of the Infinity Stones. Red Skull is smart and all, but if he's helping Thanos, he needs an upgrade - which brings me to this...

Will we see the Cosmic Skull?!

Yes, that's right. The Cosmic Skull would make perfect sense because Red Skull now has the power he wants and needs in Thanos, who would easily give it to him. Making it easy for Red Skull to be one of the main reasons Thanos wants to go to destroy Earth and our galaxy. We've seen the Cosmic Skull appear on the animated Avengers TV show, which usually means that something of the same sort is set to appear in the movies.

When will Red Skull show up in the MCU again?

The two most obvious and possible choices are Civil War or Infinity War. He could show up in Civil War because of his connection to Cap, but it is already too crowded and to be completely honest, I can't even think of a logical reason he'd be there for. This is why we need him in Infinity War, where he can be fully character developed into a badass state. Oh, and don't forget about Loki, because we know he works for Thanos, too...


Will we see Red Skull again in the MCU?

The real question is what YOU guys think? Tell me below and I'll tell you about what I think about your thoughts about my thoughts, confusing.


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