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2016 is said by some people to be the year where the general audience will be tested for their love of superheros. With 7 (or 8) movies coming out, will they be good or bad. I will predict both the financial and critical success of them as best I can.

February 12- Deadpool (Fox)

Known for being the first R rated superhero movie in recent memory, Deadpool's trailer seems to have gotten people excited and the R rating may make teenagers see something there not suppose to. This will most likely be a financial success and critics will love it if it lives up to its trailer. I also think that if this does well, we will see more R rated superhero movies in the future.

March 25 Batman v Superman (DC)

I know I'm stating the obvious, but this movie will do well even if the critics don't like. Batman fighting Superman is something no one will want to miss regardless of the quality. The trailer does make the movie look amazing, and hopefully it will live up to the expectations. If it doesn't, this may end the comic book movie trend.

May 6 Captain America: Civil War(Marvel)

Another obvious financial success, probably more than Batman v Superman. Marvel has yet to make a terrible film in the MCU, it's almost scary. I doubt this film will be an exception.

May 22 X-Men Apocalypse (Fox)

Coming out less than two months after two huge comic book films, audiences may start to feel fatigue at this point. If any of these movies bomb, this will be a good candidate. It's too early to judge this movie off of anything else or predict its quality.

August 5 Suicide Squad (DC)

Like its prequel, Batman v Superman, I predict this will probably be a financial success, though I am less certain. I fear that the huge team will either create a cluster fuck or have a lot of useless characters. It has been done before (Avengers) but I am not sure it can happen again being that the writers may be more focussed on Batman v Superman.

October 7 Gambit (Fox)

The first solo film in about 5 months and I think audiences will be relived. It's too early to predict anything else.

November 4 Doctor Strange (Marvel)

Being that the Doctor Strange audience has been waiting so long for this movie, it will definitely not bomb. I also think people will love it like we did with the other MCU movies.

November 11 2016? Sinister Six (Sony)

Though this film will probably not come out in 2016, if it comes out at all, I will still talk about it. Audiences were split on The Amazing Spiderman 1 and mostly hated The Amazing Spiderman 2. I doubt they trust Sony to keep making Spiderman movies without Marvel. Also there are many development problems which rarely results in a good movie.


2016 will really be the year audiences the comic book movie is tested. If all of these movies bomb, it will end the genre for about a decade or 2. But I overall don't think that will happen/


Which movie do you think will be the best of 2016


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