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I'm not a liberal.
Chuck Bartowski
Why are people worshiping him? I guess it makes as much sense as witchcraft. Satanism is just as wrong as...huh...I can't think of anything worse. Let me go through this logically. First, a given: Satan is bad. Everyone knows he's bad, he knows he's bad, God knows he's bad (and you have to bring God into this because if there is a devil there has to be his opposite which is God). But as we all know, just being bad doesn't mean people won't follow you. There are multiple reasons why you would follow/worship something. You may get something in return like money, power, a place in the afterlife, whatever. You may be afraid of whoever. Or you may actually wholeheartedly believe and agree with everything the guy stands for. Let me knock these out one at a time. Getting something in return. This isn't going to work out because according to the Bible (the book that mentions the war between Satan and God) Satan loses and him and his followers are sent into the lake of fire. Well maybe you aren't like that. Maybe you're afraid of what he'll do to you because the Bible says that Satan has power over the earth. That's very true. A man is able to slowly push a car but a tornado can send that thing into the air. Satan's power is nothing compared to God's. You know that Satan is going to lose in the end and he's no match for God so why would you want to worship him. There is only one other answer and it's that you agree with what Satan stands for. There is no sugarcoating this. You are aligning yourself with evil. But logically speaking, it makes no sense why you would do that. You're eventually going to lose. Satan is about fear and death but God is the complete opposite. He is about eternal life and love and freewill. I guess I'm ending with the same question I started with: why? So I'm asking you satanists, Christians, atheists--why?

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