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As a movie fan and a gamer, one of the things that instantly attracted me to Destiny upon its initial release was the fact that it looked like Star Wars if it had been imagined by Guardians of the Galaxy's Star-Lord. The brand-new trailer for the game's massive expansion, The Taken King, continues that tradition of a war-torn space fantasy with the grit of Star Wars' Mandalorian mercenaries -- with a dash of rock n' roll. Check it out:

Oryx smells the blood of his son on your hands, Guardians. Now, players must take control and wage war against The Taken King in a fantastical, gigantic world with all of the upgrades to the original Destiny that we've been asking for -- namely, more story, and way more action.

With all the time players have had to gear up and improve, this might be one of the biggest events that developer Bungie has held under their command, and it looks fantastic.

Destiny: The Taken King will be available on Tuesday, September 15th.


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