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While there has been no shortage of relationships on the CW show, The Originals, its male lead has had his fair share of problems being able to stick to one woman. The one constant in his life since returning to New Orleans, however, has been Cami. She works as both friend and confidante to him, in a world where he sees everyone as an enemy. While there have been reports that Cami is trying to distance herself from the supernatural in season 3, there are new reports that that might not be the case.

With Cami finally having finished school and wanting to practice therapy, the list of the supernatural that should be paying her for her services could be put together fairly quickly. However, producer Michael Narducci has mentioned that one of the patients will possibly have more than just a professional interest, and that their relationship will progress as the season continues.

Speaking of Cami's on feelings on the matter Narducci continues:

"She can do a small bit of good by helping Klaus rein in his temper and avoid killing innocent people. She feels a moral obligation to get involved in his life and be someone he can vent to and open up to and help him work through some of his anger."

Joseph Morgan, who plays Klaus, added that Klaus is realizing that Cami is the only one who can help him. She is the only one who understands what is going on inside his head, and they will be spending a lot of time together in the new season.

With all the new action, twists, and now a possible romance in store for the new season, The Originals is sure to surprise and amaze their fans.

The Originals returns, Thursday October 8th to the CW for season 3.

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