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Whats up guys its me, its me, its the A-L-E-Double X with Episode 3 of "Worth It?", and today I'll give you my thoughts on the upcoming film "The Transporter Refueled" and I'll ask you the question and you give me the answer on weather or not the movie will be worth it. Let me first off say that I apologize for missing last week, I was busy with work, and if you haven't seen my YouTube Channel: ( There was another Open Mic Night I attended to once again, so check that out! Back to the movie, so this movie is basically another action spy movie that we have seen over and over, plus I believe this is another reboot of the first original Transporter movies from 2002 where nobody care anything about, it is just the same old same and it is getting incredibly annoying. Even the trailer shows nothing worth getting exited about, it is almost like Hitman: Agent 47, maybe not that horrible, I can give some props for this movie, looks like the actors don't look as bored as in Hitman: Agent 47. The trailer had okay action and a nice song, "How You Like Me Now by The Heavy" and usually that would work if this was a video game, I'm not joking, this is the exact same trailer you would find in a video game. Not trying to make this just a review for the trailer just look at people's reaction, really nobody is talking about this movie, nobody will probably see this movie, and yes this movie is NOT WORTH IT! I'm sorry, but if I go to the movie theater and I say this movie will be great, then later Hollywood is gonna think all people want are reboots that movies never worked and it seriously sucks. Okay, so what do you people think about this movie, watch the trailer, vote yes or no if the movie will be worth it for you, check out my YouTube Channel if you haven't already, please subscribe and it is once again, me, me, The A-L-E-Double X and Until Then, I'm Out!


Worth It?


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