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James Wood

Insidious Chapter’s 1 and 2 are both in my top 20 films of all time. To me, they are perfect horror films, both featuring the scariest looking entities I've ever seen and exceptional direction and style from James Wan. Chapter 2 scares me beyond belief, watching it alone puts me in a state of awe and pure fear but I love it and Chapter 1 does the same minus the second film’s terrifying antagonist 'The Mother of Death'. Chapter 3, thankfully, is another terrifying entry to this incredible franchise, I had my hopes set high and they’ve been met.

Leigh Whannell takes on directing duties and does a fine job. He stirs atmosphere through the use of creeping panning shots, getting up close to the actors encasing the screen with their fear and then timing the jump scares perfectly by building up unbearable dread then finally unleashing the terror. As a massive fan of the franchise I can feel the care and craft that's gone into this third instalment. The absence of James Wan and the majority of the original starring cast at first had me worried but the new talent behind and in front of the camera are terrific and I'd like to see more of them.

Lin Shaye is phenomenal as Elise Rainier, and even though she died in the first film but made a spiritual return in the sequel, it's great to see her back properly as the woman in contact with the other side. I can't get enough of her character and Shaye's consistent brilliance in the role. Stefanie Scott and Dermot Mulroney are exceptionally convincing playing father and daughter Sean and Quinn Brenner, respectively, battling a deadly entity that has clung onto Quinn after she reached out to make contact with her recently deceased Mother, only to find she has got in touch with something else. The films most chilling line, "When you call out to the dead, all of them can hear you", echoes what follows.

The man who can't breathe is the deadly entity that stalks the flat corridors and he's very scary! The wheezy, chesty throaty noises make your skin crawl and when he gets closer and closer to the living you'll quiver, I certainly did and whilst he's not as malevolent and scary as the mother of death from the second film, this character creation is one of the freakiest in recent memory. As expected, The Further is as scary and intimidating as ever, the lighting and reverb heavy sound design work wonders in this otherworldly realm that has scared me and other viewers three films in a row.

I can't wait to experience Insidious 4, should it definitely get green-lit. Highly recommend this third instalment, a terrific return for this brilliant series.


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