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Chapter 16:

Noelle’s P.O.V

I quickly found a chair to sit on, wanting to get this all sorted out. Loki settled against the wall, leaning on it. Thor was pacing, and my father was sitting calmly in a chair. He seemed unaware of the tension in the room.

“Now that we are all here, I believe it’s time for me to explain a very long prophecy.” He said. Loki’s posture straightened and Thor stopped pacing.

“You mean you are here because of a prophecy?” Thor asked.

“Actually, I and two other people in this room are, in fact, here by prophecy.” Both he and Loki looked at me.

“What are you getting into?” What was I about to hear? I wanted answers to Odin’s murder and how Loki’s signature got to the crime scene. What did prophecy have to do with anything?

“I told you, a very long story.”


Every being in the universe is capable of seeing prophecy, as our futures are so intertwined with one another. When prophecy emerges, a seer will be given the ability to read the prophecy. Some prophecies are harmless, and others are not. Some require action, some require apathy.

Groa was a child when she first saw the prophecy of the universe. And it took her years to understand that she was merely the seer who would inspire the action of a golden haired Asgardian, known as the catalyst. The catalyst was to protect the prophecy and ensure it would take its due course.

A being of no origin would one day rise. This being would crawl from the deepest depths of the universe, bent on power and malice. One with a goal to rule. This being would start small, gathering allies, followers. He would overthrow kings and emperors, and soon would have an army at his back. He would face death itself and manage to overthrow it.

Eventually his very name would inspire hate and fear in every corner of the universe. Entire worlds would tremble at his very presence. But he could not conquer this universe with an army alone. He would need a greater power: The Infinity Gauntlet.

Many would see his plans to take each stone by force and reforge the gauntlet, but none would be able to withstand his fury long enough to hide the stones or destroy them. And thus, the universe was his.

But, the universe has a way of acting on its own, bending the world to its will and creating its defences. And to defend itself it made a new gem: The Amaranth.

The Amaranth was created out of the yawning abyss as a counterpart to the infinity stones. The Amaranth could take shape into any stone. The bearers of the flower gem would stop the threat of the being and restore balance to the universe.

This should have been the end of it.

Thanos had a seer of his own. One who informed him of these events that would come to pass and the defiance of the universe. He searched for years, looking for the one who would bear the flower gem and destroy him.

During his search, a child was born to Laufey and Farbauti, the king and queen of Jotunheim. A son, who would be the first bearer of the gem. The child was small and ugly for a frost giant, and the parents were disgusted. During the war against Asgard the child was put out to die, as food was scarce and they could not afford to feed anyone who would not benefit the war.

Thanos had been so close to the child, close enough to take his life…but he was distracted by a golden haired Asgardian who had been following him and undoing his traps and plans. And the child was instead picked up by Odin, king of Asgard. The child was now in proper hands, able to grow and nurture his power. Thanos was kept busy for centuries by the golden haired Asgardian, who was in a race to find and hide the Amaranth.

But Thanos’ seer was not only a seer, but a master manipulator of the mind. Slowly, he warped his way into Asgard, slipping past the king’s vigilant watch. When he finally reached the child, he planted a spark. A seed. Something that would grow and fester in his mind and plant doubts, false memories and hate. He slowly poisoned the child’s mind, so when he grew to an adult, he would be completely ruled by Thanos and unable to wield the Amaranth against him.

Again, the story should have ended there, but the universe is cunning and knows when to intervene. During this time, the meddling Asgardian was led to a small realm, still new to the universe. It was there he found the Amaranth, hidden deep in the rock of a large volcano. And it was there that second bearer was born, a little girl.

This little girl would grow to become a fierce warrior and aid the first bearer to defeat Thanos and restore the balance and peace to the universe.


I couldn’t really believe it. Loki and my father looked at me expectantly, waiting for me say something. But I couldn’t even come up with anything to say. My mind was trying to understand the fact that this was all planned. This was like a giant movie battle, where the man characters suddenly find out they have to save the world. No pressure or anything.

“Any questions?” My father asked.

Thor had nothing to say either. He was pacing again. “So. Loki has been under another’s control his whole life?” Yeah, I guess that was a good place to start.

“Yes. It is only within the last few years that Thanos has decided to use him to his advantage.”

“And is he still under his control?” Thor directed this to Loki.

“No. I haven’t been. Not since I helped you free Jane of the Aether.”

“I can vouch for this. He has been under mine and Groa’s watch.” Tyr said quickly.

“He could be fine now. But how do you know he may not be used again? How do you know he could not be under his control now? Can you account for all his whereabouts? We did find proof of his presence in my father’s rooms.”

“Loki cannot be under Thanos’ influence since he is not entirely here.” Thor stopped pacing, and I nearly fell out of the chair.

“Don’t tell me Loki’s a ghost. Because even for me that far-fetched.” I was ready to walk out of that room.

“I’m not a ghost, but I’m fairly close to one.” Loki said quietly, not looking at any of us.

“When Loki was killed by Kurse, he died. His soul died.” I nodded, because I remember feeling it die. “But Loki’s soul was attached to yours.”

“Yes, we know. What does that mean?”

“It means that Loki is still here because part of your soul is living in him. You are keeping him from dying. I was able to find him and restore his body before it completely deteriorated, and he has been in my company ever since.”

“So why is his signature in Odin’s room?”

“Because that isn’t my signature. Not anymore.” Loki pushed himself off the wall and made his way to me. He extended his palm. “Here, look.” I watched as he focused, bringing forth his magic. I touched his palm gently, letting my own magic do its work. And he was right. There was a completely different feel to Loki’s magic. It was still powerful and mastered, but softer and less ragged than before. “The magic you felt was mine laced with the Other’s. He planted my signature.”

“So Thanos killed my father.” Thor clenched his fists.

I looked around the room, wondering what the hell we were supposed to do now. “Well we can’t just call Thanos here for a trial. What are we supposed to do? Go out and find him?”

“I was hoping you would be open to that idea.” My father smiled at me, making me frown back at him.

“I was joking. There is no way we can go up against Thanos.” These guys were going crazy, I swear. Hear one prophecy and suddenly they thought everything was all figured out.

“The Avengers did.” Thor pointed out.

“You went against the Chitauri. Not Thanos himself.” I stood up. “I don’t know if I’m ready to do this. Or if I can.”

“The prophecy says-”

“I don’t care. I need to think on this. This could not only get us killed, but a lot of other innocent people could die too.”

“You don’t really have a choice.” Loki looked at me coldly. “You can’t just walk away from this. We need you to help wield the Amaranth. You’re the one who already has it with you.”

“What?” I didn’t have the Amaranth. I’d never even seen it.

“I hid it in your jewelry box in your chambers.” My father said. “You have it, and because Loki is not entirely here, he cannot wield it alone. We need you.”

“I’m sorry.” I stood up. “I need to think about this.” I weaved my way around Loki, who was reaching for me. Thor stood in my father’s way, keeping him from reaching for me. I was grateful that Thor was at least on my side and thinking about me.

I left the room and quickly transported myself to my rooms, locking the door firmly.

Why me?


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