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What if you couldn't find that ONE toy you've wanted for your collection that doesn't exist? Simply you could commission or make one of your own.

When I first started this figure, I began by trying to pay someone else to make this for me. Until I decided it was cheaper for me to do this custom figure myself. I first went to the great eBay and purchased two action figures. One being the Wild Card Joker with green hair from the Secret Society line of Justice League Unlimited. The 2nd figure was the old “The New Adventures of Batman and Robin” figure of Nightwing. So altogether about 20 bucks was spent here. Then I proceeded to take images of future Joker from the interwebs.

I eventually found a custom by Shatterblade on a customs forum which used this exact formula. The green haired Joker mind you was more work than if I had purchased the one from the 3 pack of Batman, Black Canary and Joker with the black hair. So I opted for cheaper and although I should have gotten this edition, it wasn’t necessary.

Soon after this I acquired some smooth sand paper for the lines and for the scalp. I used a razor blade on the hair even though it calls for an exacto knife. I carefully cut down the layers of the hair until it became a suitable level. Then I used some acryllic black paint for the body as well as the Joker head. I had to because I used the wrong head repaint the face as well. I had added the red eyes of permanent marker. I plainly cut Knightwing’s head off of his torso glueing the Joker’s in place. I also custom colored the hands to match his from the movie.

Over all I love the outcome of this figure. Granted it’s not the best I could do but it is still worth the time I invested in it. This with my other 3 Joker’s will complete this set. Now hopefully Mattel will release an official one for my collection. Again, if not I have this awesome custom to fall back on. View the images below for more detailed ideas of what I did.

While I realize despite making this figure about 4 years ago, it isn't the best I can do now. I still love the figure because it is one I worked on and from a movie I enjoy. If I were to do it today, I may work slower and include more of the detail that it could have had.

So if you were to get that ONE toy that doesn't exist or could make it, what would it be? Sound off below!


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