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...ryone in regards to the killing controversy. My reasons for it are in the article below. MoS was a far from perfect film, the chemistry and the storytelling was not perfect. But the action was amazing. (It got overwhelming near the end. TOO much) but at the same time, Action was what the audience wanted. Superman Returns, while a GOOD movie, was not a good action or superhero film that audiences wanted. It was a great piece to honor nostalgia but not to give us a Superman for todays generation. It spent more time giving us the nostalgia and not enough on today. I agree that between the two Superman Returns is a better movie, but I think Man of Steel is the movie Superman and Superman fans needed and I certainly prefer Man of Steel. The flashback sequences at the beginning and the part where he learns how to fly and he gets his suit. All those scenes were so cool. Superman Returns was really kind of boring. I was uninterested in most of the movie because it was yes a good movie, but I found it hard to concentrate. If I have problems then How do younger kids concentrate on Superman Returns when the entire time they're asking why doesn't he use his powers? Why doesnt he fight? Man of Steel, imperfect as it is, entertained me from beginning to end, and even though the ending is far from what i would like it to be, and very very controversial. It is definitely entertaining.,manual


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