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Sarah R Davies

Chapter 1: Mr and Mrs Mellark

Logan's POV

You may have heard of my mother and father. They were the famous tributes of District 12 in the Hunger Games; Peeta Mellark and Katniss Everdeen. They were and still are iconic among our people. They defied the Capitol by trying to commit suicide when it was announced only one of them would be able to live.

My mother was known as the girl on fire. I’m not really sure why but that’s what Mrs Hawthorne told us in school. We learn a lot about when my parents were young in school but my parents never talk to me about any of the things they encountered.

I've tried asking my father a few times but he never has much to say. He only told me that he's loved my mother since he was five years old, but she didn’t love him back properly until she was seventeen. He tells me that their lives were far more complicated than mine and my sister Willow's are now. I suppose a lot of things happened. I know there was a rebellion 58 years before my parents were born and it's to my understanding that there was another rebellion 17 years later but I'm not really sure.

My parents don’t tell me much about their lives before Willow and I were born and aside from the odd lesson here and there, the history of Panem is kept quiet at school. Something terrible must have happened but I can't imagine what.

Only one thing I know is for sure. When my mother was Willow’s age, she never wanted children. Or to get married. Now Willow is sixteen and I'm nearly fourteen. My father said that convincing her to finally have children was a lot of work for him and for a long time he didn't think they'd ever have any children.

I think my parents are happy to have Willow and I but I can't think of anything horrible enough that would have caused so much pain in their lives.

~ ~ ~

This is the first chapter of my Hunger Games fan fiction. The fan fiction is also available on my wattpad account SareBear1998. The two versions will be quite different so feel free to read the other!


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