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Last week, Capcom revealed the introduction of Rainbow Mika to the growing roster of competitors in Street Fighter V, and the internet went absolutely insane. While the usual debates sparked over her controversial outfit (let her fight in whatever she wants to fight in, I say!) the general audience was happy to see the peppy wrestler join in with attacks that would make your mother blush. But now, it seems, R. Mika has taken a backseat to a new beard that may have just given the fighting game community a second sexual awakening.

Today, Capcom announced that special edition pre-order costume alternates will be available for players who reserve their copies of the game at four different retailers. Classic heroes like Cammy (Best Buy), Chun-Li (Playstation Store/PC Digital), and the fearsome M. Bison (Amazon) look great.

Cammy, you are precious.
Cammy, you are precious.

But, the real MVP when it comes to this pre-ordering frenzy rests within the GameStop marketing department, who scored the game's longtime co-lead Ryu -- known now as Hot Ryu -- in a costume variation that features little more change than a husky beard and some primo shirtlessness.

But, I mean, look at the guy:

No -- really, look at him:

But, don't take my word for it. Twitter is a wonderful place for honest reactions. How about we ask them instead?

While most of twitter took to cleaning up their drool, the rest of the community decided to paint an entirely new backstory for "Hot Ryu", as a woodworker, father figure, a great boyfriend, and a lover of the outdoors.

And he is, of course, a pal when he needs to be:

But, Hot Ryu lives within all of us:

And, as a reminder:

For more on the trend, feel free to check it out on twitter and pre-order your character of choice with the available outlets.

Hats off to the GameStop public relations department -- hope they gave you a bonus!


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