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Andrew Brindley

For most of the youngsters who grew up in the 90's era, Toy Story, I'm sure holds a special place in your heart. It wasn't just a story. It was an event. They weren't just toys, they were our companions. Every adventure deserves a great ending.

It was this ending from Toy Story 3 that evoked memories and feelings from my childhood. I was growing into adulthood, just like Andy when the 3rd of the trilogy came around and nothing could tug on my heartstrings quite like the fulfillment of a friendship.

Toys are there to provide a child a sense of comfort and security. These toys did there job. They took care of Andy and now as he heads off for college and adulthood, the toys will continue their work by being the comforting and compassionate sort that Bonny will need throughout her childhood of all the years to come.

This makes me sad and I did in fact shed many tears while watching this ending. But then Toy Story 4 was announced. So this ending will become ruined for me personally.

But for now, this ending still holds a special place for me and it continues to make me sad through every viewing.

So long, Partner.

The End.


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