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Nick Novak

As I was watching a video about Superman, I started to think. I was also watching Doctor Who at the time, and the thought came to me that they are almost the same story.

Both of them are one of the last of their species, The Doctor of Gallifrey, and Superman of Krypton. Both, upon the destruction of their home planets, went to the nearest inhabitable planet, Earth. Superman, growing up and being raised on Earth, loves the humans and seeks to protect them at all costs. The Doctor, meets the humans, and slowly starts to care for them. He travels with them, interacts, and most of all, protects them. Though they bot OBVIOUSLY have the power to destroy Earth and make it into another of their own home planets, they chose to use what they have, whether it be a mad man with a box, a screwdriver, and the ability to cheat death, or a super-powered, man-god with speed, invulnerability, and flight among other powers, they protect Earth at any cost. Another similarity between to two, is that the only other survivors of their planet refuse to be redeemed by the Doctor or Supes, and become their worst enemy (Even though the Doctor constantly tries to redeem the Master). Also, both able to travel through space at amazing speeds, and (Yes, I'm counting Superman's one timer) can travel through time.

Throughout their stories, Both The Doctor and Superman have defended the earth numerous times, Daleks, Robots, Martians, Evil rich people, all things that have been defeated by both, (except of course, Daleks have only been faced by the Doctor)


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