ByKaitlin Marie Hurt, writer at

It is well known that "A Trip to the Moon" was the first Sci-Fi film made in 1902. It was truly iconic for that day and age. But nothing can compare to the influence of Metropolis. You can see it's fingerprints in feature films from The Wizard of Oz to The Hunger Games from the massive movie sets, to the terrible unfortunate costume choices of the higher class, this movies impact was so powerful it's still echos in today's largely popular feature films.

First time sitting down to watch it I wasn't sure what to expect, it being my first silent film. In the beginning it seemed more like a comedy than a Sci-Fi film with all of it's over the top dramatization. For example when Freder sees Marie for the first time and he grabs his chest like he's having heart attack just seemed like a little to much for me, because we all know there isn't a man out there that would at like that today. (Unless he was on something) But the further I got the more interested and consumed I became. I found myself becoming worried for Freder as he took the place of laborer, and saddened by the death of Marie just for a stupid robot to look like her. Then for to have been made in 1927 the effects blew me away. So for my first Silent film it was pretty remarkable even if it did seem to drag on a little long. It does deserve all the credit for what really started the Sci-Fi genre and what makes it one of the best classifications of film yet.


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