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Yesterday the film industry lost a legend. Of course, Wes Craven was known for scaring the socks off of all of us as kids (hell, even as adults) with movies like A Nightmare on Elm Street, Last House on the Left and Scream. But, there was a lot more to the master of horror than meets the eye.

Here are 8 fun facts you probably never knew about Wes Craven.

1. Before becoming a filmmaker, he worked as an English professor.

2. He had a Master’s degrees in philosophy and writing from Johns Hopkins University

3. He left his job as a professor and started out a new filmmaking career in pornography (Yes, I said pornography). Wes made X-rated hard core films under false names, and did everything from directing to writing to editing.

4. He was raised in a strict Baptists household, and funny enough, barely saw any movies as a child.

5. He directed a drama starring Meryl Streep called Music of the Heart. Streep went on to receive an Academy Award nomination for the film.

6. He was an avid birdwatcher.

7. He was going to Direct the 1987 Superman IV: A Quest for Peace, but left due to creative differences between him and Christopher Reeves.

8. He was the D.J. for his college campus radio station.

Did you know about these cool facts about the master of horror?


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