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Today I was reminded of a movie that I hadn't thought of in a long while. It came to mind thanks to two different questions posed by my fellow Moviepilot creators. The first was to name a movie that changed you. The second being to take part in the 5 Day Movie Challenge: name a movie that made you cry.

My answer to both these prompts was, What Dreams May Come, starring the late Robin Williams. If you have already seen it, you know exactly what I am talking about. If you haven't, stop what you're doing and go find it.

Why it made me cry: Watching a family being torn apart is terrible. Its heart breaking, and devastating; even moreso when it happens by fate. But it is when Chris, played by Williams, traverses through the afterlife looking for the soul of his wife, that the tears began to flow freely, and quickly.

The movie rolls moment after moment of self-reflection, love, soul searching, life affirming, and snot-inducing reunions that will easily cost you a box or two of Kleenex.

I am not easily brought to tears with movies, especially since I when I do watch one, it's usually horror, sci-fi or psychological thriller. But this look at life after death came at a special time in my life when I was deep in thought about heaven, hell, mortality and life. So, I guess you can say I was in the perfect storm of emotions to get engulfed in What Dreams May Come.

The true test though, is that even when I watch it today, I am still a snot-bubbler. Gets me every. single. time.

Check back tomorrow when the creators who started today, will reveal their favorite Motivational Movie. I guarantee you'll be ready to tackle the day after reading all their posts!


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