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Well I have to say, Fear the Walking Dead wasn’t really dead at all. Although, from past experiences, we know Los Angeles and its people will succumb to the anarchy we love to watch. In this episode, Madison, Nick and Travis, played by K. Dickens, C. Curtis and F. Dillane are just beginning to realize the city is coming more and more unhinged and unsafe to live in and must gather everyone to evacuate it before society breaks down and become trapped.

This episode of Fear the Walking Dead offered a little more zombie moments and a lot less of sick Nick. Well it's a start. I know, I know, the show is still in its primitive stages of a zombie apocalypse, but lets face it, we want to see the cast of Thriller be reunited, but without any music and choreographing while shuffling down the walk of fame. Tobias, played by Lincoln, (Hey a Lincoln) A. Castellanos, might quite possibly be, in a city of 10.1 million people, the only one who knows what going on. This guy is smart, resource and just a freshman. He watches reports from other cities via internet and searches any provisions he can find at his high school, go freshman. Meantime sick Nick is helpless with drug withdrawals waits at home with his sister, Alicia. Does he really need a babysitter?

Madison finds the meds she needs for Nick at the high school nurse’s office. I wonder weather she’s done this before? Anyhow, Tobias and Madison spot one another and make their way to the cafeteria for food supplies. As always with so many zombie movies, the sounds of strange noises seem to attract both the living and the dead as they meet a real walking dead person walking towards them. It’s Principle Costa, played by Scott Lawrence offering hunger moans and gazing death looks, strolls like a boss and an appetite.

Madison and Tobias fear they are not alone at the high school
Madison and Tobias fear they are not alone at the high school

Travis and his ex-wife, Liza, played by Elizabeth Rodriquez, drive to downtown to look for their son Chris, played by Lorenzo J. Henrie. They find him recording a police disturbance like a TMZ reporter. Surrounded by police and an angry, politically incorrect crowd, manages to escape before the Los Angeles police riot team throw down the hammer and starts a panic. Travis and his family find refuge until the mayhem blows over at a Hispanic barber shop where appointment are not necessary and tips are welcomed.

Overall the 2nd episode had entertaining quality and look forward seeing more from the writers and possibly some plot twists (Hint, hint). Unlike its predecessor, which was based from the comic book, this story line is completely new territory for producers Dave Erickson and Robert Kirkman. We might see the original cast members be killed off and replaced with a new cast by the end of the season or worse. Too early to call, but nevertheless, my TV control was a good distance away from me. Keep watching.

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