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tyler henry

These are my top ten Heroes in cinema.

10. John Rambo

The Badass with a big ass knife John Rambo symbolized All muscle bound badasses.

9. John McLane

The hero who introduced relatible heroes.

8. T-800 (T2)

The Asshole robo from terminator is the cool fun character who grows and he's a robot.

7. Jack Baurten

Hes badass charming nuff said

6. Neo

This hero is great because we see his growth and evolution as a character we grow with....well for the first film

5. Dirty Harry

Go ahead and don't make explain. No he's gritty tuff and badass to the max

4. Jason Bourne

He's cool because you understand what and why he's doing what he's doing.

3. Bruce Wayne /Batman

He's the dark knight he's strong cunning and never gives up.

2. Harry potter

witness his growth as winey teen to man

Yeah sorry but its a a tie

Mad max

Luke Skywalker

Indiana Jones



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