ByCarl Phillips, writer at
...r / Avengers:Age of Ultron? Like Daredevil (the Marvel/Netflix version), he was battling saving peoples lives while all on New York City crumbled. Origin story takes place pre-The Battle of New York, and will be because of the "colateral damage" that happened in that battle that people like Matt Murdock, Luke Cage, Daniel "Danny" Rand (Iron Fist) became the 'super-heroes' the public has become aware of, like the way 'The New York Bugle' made the public aware of Spider-Man. And if you add Jessica Jones to the mix, you have to account for her time at Peter Parker's school, her father working for Tony Stark, her father dying on a trip home from Disneyland (the ticket being a gift from Stark), to getting the Marvel standard radiation from nuclear-enhanced 'something' that gives her the unique powers, the time she goes from 'Jewel' and a member of 'The Avengers' to loosing her abilities and going PI. All of this back story can be told in the structures of all the connecting Netflix shows from Daredevil - Season 2 and Jessica Jones 1, as well as side dishes of Luke Cage in the latter and Iron Fist in the former, before we get to Captain America:Civil War. When we actually get to Captain America:Civil War, all the film has to do is have some 'right-wing / left-wing media' do a story about all the 'so-called heroes' that have brought more violence and destruction to NYC since the Battle of New York, with clips of each hero using their unique power and catching footage in their worst moment. Then, the week before the movie, have 'Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.' send Daisey and her Inhumans team have an event go REALLY bad in NYC, and we have not only cleared the "where were they all" challenge, as a bonus, we sneak in an "Inhumans" eastrr egg long befor the movie even hits pre-production.

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