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I don't understand why so many people hated Erica. She was a bad girl, what is wrong with that? They can be fun characters, not like she was a villain like Jennifer, hate on her. Honestly Erica had a really hard and painful life and then she was cured. If you can't imagine what that must of felt like for her, you aren't human. So she wanted to play with her power and cause a little trouble, and as I said, play, she never really hurt anyone. So she stuck her claws in Allison's leg. Is that really a reason to hate her or dislike her? All Allison needed was a band-aid from the nurses office. She messed with Scott, if I remember right, only twice, and the first time, Scott approached her and actually I think he went to her science table, could of sent Stiles over there and he could of gone to Isaac's table. Scott put himself in the positions to interact with her and it was harmless what she did. It's no different than winning the lottery, it changes you and you do things you wouldn't normally do. Erica went from low self esteem to a pure narcissist but there were things that clearly shows it was just a phase. The apple was just a taste, something impulsive she did but it was to make herself feel better and in a way establish that her life had truly changed, it was the test. Everyone wanted to be her lab partner, of course she enjoyed that, it was probably euphoric but she didn't react much. In fact she was alone most of the time, the show didn't hire extra's for her to go after or to hound her. As much attention as she got from lab and the cafeteria, she had instant popularity and she really didn't act on any of it. Most of the things she did were per Derek's orders. Like to keep the third planned beta a secret, if she even knew. Hitting Stiles was likely an order and yeah, maybe she took some pleasure from it, she had crushed on him and he never noticed her, if she had even used her extra strength, or at least full force, he would of gone to the hospital. (Show mistake; Stiles never presented a bruise.) She was clearly hurt when she admitted she had a crush on Stiles, she protected Scott from Jackson and even helped them with what information she had about Jackson's parents. Going the extra mile to check her computer. The mention of her dad kind of leaves more of her backstory to be desired. She also attempted to help Scott when Jackson went crazy in detention, clearly an unskilled fighter at the time, no reason to hate her for that. And really, lets be honest, Allison started to become a little ruthless. The thing about the three betas is that they were known people in the community, Allison was willing to murder Boyd without a care because she clearly wouldn't stop, the Argents also kidnapped them without thinking of the consequences. Hell kidnapped Stiles too! And Allison shooting Erica down? She was in tears, none of it was supposed to be serious or truly harmful to her. She could of went in Allison's room and charged attacked her and not given her the chance to shoot that arrow. She didn't, it was all the high of instant confidence. In fact she risked herself by even provoking Allison. Why? Because in her mind none of it was serious or real, she never thought Allison would really do something to hurt her, just as she never truly hurt Allison. So, she cares more about Boyd, tells him to run and he rescues her from a ruthless Allison who shoots arrow after arrow as Erica cries and screams and begs her to stop. I know some of this got a little out of order, but to finish this, in her final scene, she took it upon herself to go after Kali to try to save them. When it got serious, I saw nothing but selflessness and care for others from her. By that point, she really woke up and sadly we will never get to see what that would have turned into and in small moments, even the change didn't take away the pain of her memories of torment. So why does everyone hate her? She was written like that for fun and to me it was fun, she was a unique character and the actress did amazingly in how she portrayed her, every word, every gesture, body language, it was all perfection. Though by the end, Jeff had planned to make her much more, it's just unfortunate that the actress left.

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