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Downloadable content (DLC) is that extra bit of enjoyment we can expect from a game that we already love. In Until Dawn's case, we received a bonus chapter titled 'Road Not Taken'. The problem is that we were wronged terribly with how it was handled. The DLC isn't anything like what it should be, but let's take this one step at a time...

The DLC is (Currently?) Exclusive to Pre-Orders

As of right now, the DLC is exclusive to those who pre-ordered the game. If you look for it on the PlayStation Network, you won't find it anywhere. This isn't exactly the most welcomed practice among those who couldn't pre-order the game in time, but I'll let this slide just so that I can get to all the other things worth noting.

Do you see any add-ons? No? Exactly.
Do you see any add-ons? No? Exactly.

Now, there are rumors that the DLC will become available via the PlayStation Network at some point in the future, but whether this has any substance to it, or is just wishful thinking of the fans, I do not know. If it happens (and it should), it would mean that everyone will finally be able to play. I just hope that it isn't sold as a money-grab.

If it were, there's no telling how much the DLC would be sold for, but no matter the price, I'll tell you right now that I wouldn't even recommend the purchase to my worst enemies. If it's not for free, then don't bother. "Why", you might be wondering?

The "Bonus Chapter" Was a Gimmick

I didn't exactly feel the warm welcome.
I didn't exactly feel the warm welcome.

Bonus chapters are usually played after finishing a game. To use an example, think of The Last of Us with its DLC, 'Left Behind'. The DLC had some moments full of spoilers if you had not finished the base game first. This is how many bonus chapters like this play out.

Until Dawn, on the other hand, placed its DLC immediately after finishing Chapter 2. When I was playing the game, I played and finished the DLC and didn't even realize it because it felt like part of the main game. This is not okay, because this means that everyone who didn't pre-order the game won't have this "bonus chapter" that should technically already be there!

And of all the characters to include in a bonus segment, why did it have to be Emily? Ugh.
And of all the characters to include in a bonus segment, why did it have to be Emily? Ugh.

And to make matters worse, the segment is only 10 minutes long, and it's not an exciting 10 minutes at that! All it contains is Matt and Emily chatting about their relationship while going from Point A to Point B. You can also find a few collectibles, but they aren't needed to unlock all of the trophies. All of that leads me to say this...

The Verdict

I love Until Dawn dearly, and you can read all about why I do. And regardless of this muck up, I encourage you to pick up the game and play it for yourself! But in the event that the DLC becomes available on the PSN as a money-grab, save your money and watch someone play it on YouTube. Don't give into what could be the cheapest gimmick of the year.

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