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Hello all, and welcome back. To all those who missed part one I’ll leave the link for you below. It covers Fry, Bender, Leela, Zapp and Kiff.

Click to view Part One!

In this round I’m going to name a few actors I deem worthy of characterizing some of our (or at least my) favourite lower class crew members..!


This time it will be a little simpler, no polls in this one. I’ve only chosen one actor for each this time around, no voting I’m afraid but I’m fairly sure you’ll agree with these picks, so fithout wurther ado..!

PROFESSOR Hubert Farnsworth

The Professor is Phillip Fry’s great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great- great-grand Nephew whom he comes to work for in the year 3000. He’s a senile old crack-pot who is fond of crazy contraptions. And the only man for the job is this good old fellow.

Who Should Play Him...

Great Scott!
Great Scott!

Yes, who else but The Doc, Emmet Brown AKA Christopher Lloyd himself..! With a credibility rating like his do we even need to mention such great films as Back to the Future, Who Framed Roger, Rabbit, Star Trek, The Addams Family, My Favourite Martian, I could literally go on and on, he’s just got what the is needed to be The Professor..!


The Crab with the Jab, the Great Red Hope! This Decapodian Doc is the head physician of Planet Express and is an “expert on Humans” medically speaking, just don’t let him near your wing-wang.

Who Should Play Him...

Why not Billy West?

He’s the voice, try and understand it! Yep, as the father of the character of Zoidberg I can think of no one else who’d be better suited to feature as lobster doctor! One of my goals with this casting is to try and involve as many of the original voice actors in this as possible. What do you think of Billy West suiting up to play Zoidberg in live-action?

AMY Wong

Amy Wong, of the Mars Wong’s was born into a wealthy family on Mars, she studied under the Professor at Mars University and later took a job working for him as an apprentice at Planet Express, assisting him with his inventions and experiments on occasion. She’s cool, clumsy and above all Cute!

Who Should Play Her...

Jamie Chung. She’s got it all, she’s funny, cool and cute as hell. The 32 actress would be perfect to play the Asian/Martian rich-girl. Don’t you think? Alternatively I could have gone with Stephanie Jacobsen or Kristin Kreuk, but I personally think Chung would be perfectly fit for the role. Next.


Bureaucratic and Jamaican, Hermes is the up-tight manager of Planet Express and its business dealings. Once thought, by Fry, to be “some kind of Outer-Space Potato man”, the Rastafarian accountant can be a light-hearted and fun-loving guy. And Boy does he love a good Man-wich!

Who Should Play Him...

Anthony Anderson, this guy is a very funny man. Ever seen See Spot Run? You, Me & Irene? Scary Movie 3? Ok that last one kinda wasn’t great... But this guy is good! And with the dreads and the right accent he’d be spot on the man to fill the bill.

And his lovely wife..


Sassy and sort of a slut when you think about it... LaBarbara is Hermes (sometimes) loyal wife and mother of his son, Dwight (who we’ll get to is just a second). She doesn’t appear all that often but I feel that if a live-action movie were to occur in the near future it wouldn’t be out of place for her to be involved, I mean wouldn’t you want to see as many of the characters on screen as possible??

Who Should Play Her...

Shanola Hampton, best known role her role on Shameless (in-case you couldn’t tell I’ve got something of a liking for the show), 38, black and goddamn beautiful, (in this writer’s humble opinion) would be ideal as LaBarbara, she can certainly pull off the sexual nature of the character with ease, she’s about the right age, the look is uncanny, and some of you may remember Anthony Anderson had a small cameo on the show in season 1 as Vicki’s brother, so they’ve worked together before, and had quite a good dynamic I might add.

And to finalize this list, just going to throw two more into this, starting with, as I mentioned just before...


Now for these two I decided that seeing as they were both introduced around the 2nd and 3rd seasons, them being 12 at that time just over 10 years ago, so by now they’d be about 22-ish themselves, right? Precisely!

Who Should Play Him...

I for one would really love to see a young adult Dwight in this and I can think of no one better than Leon Thomas III to do so! Ever since he first played Simba in the Broadway adaption of Lion King he’s been killing it in the industry, he went on to co-star beside the legendary Robin Williams in August Rush, he made us laugh in Victorious and he’s quite a gifted music artist as well.

And lastly...


Like I said; older... For those few who don’t know, Cubert is the Professor’s clone, he was left in his first tube a little longer than he should’ve been, hence the nose job...

Who Should Play Him...

Will Poulter: this guy is a definite up-and-coming star, he’s already he main roles in The Chronicles of Narnia; The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, We’re the Millers and Maze Runner, also he’s recently been cast to play Pennywise the Dancing Clown in the long awaited remake of Stephen King’s classic IT..!

He’s a worthy young comedic actor and the perfect age (22) to be grown-up Cubert Farnsworth.

And that’ll be all for now folks, let me know what you thought of this one PLEASE since not a single person gave me feedback on the previous list...

Pft! I'm going for a scuttle..!
Pft! I'm going for a scuttle..!

Cheers as always for reading and look out for Part 3 in another week or so where I will be covering villains and other family members.


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