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So a little while back I posted about Gotham Series 1 and whether or not Cameron Monaghan was playing the Joker in that awesome scene. I even went as far to say that I thought it was this particular scene that got Season 2 green lit. Well they have released the Villain trailer for Season 2 and I truly think it leaves no doubts in anyone's mind that Jerome is going to be Gotham's own Mr J.

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Series 1 of Gotham was one of the most Hit and Miss shows I have watched in recent years. When the show was pitched it to us as a cop procedural in the vein of, oh I dunno every other cop show out there but with Gotham City as a backdrop and the Rogues Gallery as the criminals... Well I was in, then they gave us a piping hot mess of Freak of the Weeks and arc stories that aside from The Penguin, they just never really did anything.

I was tempted when this show comes back to just drop it. I mean come on Arrow is great, The Flash is awesome, [DC's Legends of Tomorrow](tag:2937021) looks like it is gonna hit the ground running and the wishy washy pilot aside I think Supergirl has potential to be pretty good. What I am saying is I had no shortage of good superhero shows to choose from so dropping Gotham would not have been an issue.

Then this happened... They dropped the Villain trailer for the series 2, if you have not seen it yet, take a moment and watch it now...

I mean come on, How good does this kid look as a young Mr J. In the trailer we also see some new villains in the form of James Frain who lets face it is no stranger to playing a baddie on TV. It looks like Barbra Gordon is going full mental and we are introduced to the Tygress. Riddler is still simmering away and I feel the lack of Penguin in this Villains trailer means he may be a bit more low profile this year. Oh and thank god Fish Mooney is gone, I found her Eartha Kitt routine annoying.

So in summation I will not be dropping Gotham just yet and that is purely on the strength of how good an actor I feel this kid Cameron Monaghan is and I cant wait to see what he does with it... Lets give the show one more chance people...

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Snazzy Logo though!!!
Snazzy Logo though!!!

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