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A few weeks ago at Gamescom I had the pleasure to check out two private demos from Square Enix. One was for the highly anticipated and beautiful Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. The second was for Hitman. I'm a massive fan of this series, in fact I consider Hitman: Blood Money to be the closest it comes to the genius of Kojima's sneaking operations with Metal Gear Solid. Coming from me, that's high praise - the wait before I play [Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain](tag:2683985) is breaking me.

And even though everyone wasn't a big fan, I even really enjoyed Hitman: Absolution. The checkpoint system was its major downfall, but other than that I had a great time! But I have to say that Square Enix did an appalling job of demoing their latest Hitman. No joke, I literally closed my eyes from boredom.


Hitman Needs to Be More Interesting Than Its Awful Gamescom Gameplay Demo!

There's a lot of work that has to go into demoing a game effectively. Seeing as I've already mentioned it, take a look at The Phantom Pain. The way in which Kojima and Konami have slowly showed off this apparent masterpiece has been masterful in itself. The demos are varied, give us tons of real-time engagement with the game and show off the various new features we can enjoy. We're also teased of the narrative revelations that lie in store. Hitman did none of that.

What's the greatest aspect of these games for you guys? What is it that keeps you excited for new Hitman 6? For me, it's that thrill of stumbling upon the most obscure method of killing your target. You think of one way that you can kill them and if it actually works, the games accomplish something brilliant: they make you feel clever. They make you feel like Agent 47!


The demo gave us no sense of that accomplishment. It fast forwarded through various ways that you could kill your target. There was no build up, no explanation as to why you were there, no demonstration of how complicated the procedure was. Naturally, I hoped that it was just a poorly structured demo rather than being indicative of Hitman's release date flaws.


Are You Excited For the Release Date of Hitman 6?

The demo left me unimpressed with Hitman - a game that I am actually excited for. Whether that's the game's fault or those that edited the video, remains to be seen. However, I can't imagine a well structured and such a large Hitman game leaving me with such a feeling of boredom.

A better idea would have been to demonstrate a quick and clever way to take out your target. We would have received a sense of scale, AI difficulty, new abilities, the crazy options available to us, as well as a sense of what it's really like to play Hitman. I'm excited for its full release date in 2016, but let's hope they get better at advertising this product!


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