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With the Emmy Awards later this month, all eyes are on Orphan Black star Tatiana Maslany, who has finally been nominated for the award she should have won years ago. With any luck, this will be her year to shine at the Primetime awards, but for the actress, her career is far more important.

"Everybody wants me so badly to want an Emmy nomination. I just want to work on a cool movie with Paul Thomas Anderson, or I want to work with a cool actor like Jake Gyllenhaal. That means something to me. The fans can have the Emmy. I wish I could give the Emmy to the fans. They’ve literally have given us wings on this show."

Maslany certainly seems dedicated to the show: now a producer, she has a good deal of creative influence on the characters and story, and has recently hinted at new mysteries the clones will have to solve in Orphan Black season 4.

Secrets and Revelations

After season 1 Orphan Black really took off, adding conspiracy to conspiracy and weaving a complex web of secrets and shifting alliances. While this has been fascinating to watch, the last two seasons have often felt a little complicated, in contrast to the thrilling mystery of season 1. It's difficult to regain that shock potential when more of the plot is revealed, so for season 4 the writers are ready to hit the reset button, and return to what season 1 did so well.

Shock potential
Shock potential

According to Maslany, season 4 will mark a change in pace that will mimic season 1's dynamic.

"The only thing I know for sure is that it will feel like the pace of Season 1. It will have that sort of mystery."

Will this mystery centre around the origins of Neolution? In season 1 this group seemed like a radical, yet harmless cult. But season 3 revealed that the Neolutionists have had far more control than we ever suspected, and their involvement in Project Leda dates right back to its inception. We'll probably see this developed in season 4, and discover their true motivations: are they really obsessed with forwarding human evolution, or is this just a cover?

While this plot does call back to season 1, it's also possible that we might see a completely new mystery in season 4. One way to replicate the pace of the first season would be to shift focus to a new set of characters, or do something shocking like jump forwards a few years.

Helena might get her baby shower after all!
Helena might get her baby shower after all!

But speculation aside, the writers have apparently mapped out season 4 and season 5, with the story's end already decided, as Graeme Manson revealed.

"When we talk to Tatiana creatively, it’s about honoring the characters, especially the new characters, and about finishing the story. Because we know where this baby ends."

Intriguing! And Maslany does seem to have a big influence on the show, aside from her phenomenal acting talent.

Queen of Clones

Tatiana Maslany became a producer of Orphan Black in season 3, but she's had a big role in the story since the beginning. Maslany worked together with the writers and directors to create believable characters, giving the clones depth and backstory. And, as it turns out, sometimes she even created some of her own clones!

"I was riffing on an imitation on set, and Graeme said, “We need to make that a clone.” She’s a naive clone. We don’t realize that when we meet [Crystal]. She’s doing Delphine’s nails and she’s a bit of an airhead—not quite there, not quite grounded."

And this isn't the only time that Maslany's on-set shenanigans have lead to iconic moments in the show. After Maslany and Donnie's actor Kristian Bruun started dancing to keep warm, this naturally lead to creator John Fawcett concluding that they must, at some point, "twerk on a bed filled with money." Thus was born one of the best scenes in Orphan Black history...

Let's hope that Maslany keeps up her creative input in season 4! Who knows what Donnie and Allison could twerk on next...

Catch the Emmy Awards on September 20th, and until then stay tuned for more Orphan Black news!


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