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James Wood

Bryan Singer does exactly what Joss Whedon did for The Avengers by delivering a well paced action assemble filled with welcome returning faces, giant set pieces and plenty of humour and a thrilling story. I didn't have any expectations for this film, in fact I wasn't bothered to see it but I'm glad I did as it completely wipes my bad memories of the sucky Origins and the first original three.

The X-Men send Wolverine back in time to prevent a weapon that will take out both humans and mutants. Meeting with the younger Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr, all mutants must put aside their feuds to save their kind in a truly epic battle. This is one of the best X-Men films, up there with First Class thanks to strong writing and entertainment value.

I was surprised at how swiftly this movie flows, there's not a single dull scene and the way time jumps from past to present is smooth and thankfully doesn't halt the story, plus having all past X-Men come together for one big movie is a big treat. Director Bryan Singer handles this enormous cast superbly, giving them plenty of screen time, the chemistry is fantastic and so is the humour, Hugh Jackman's bluntness sells most the laughs, but the scene stealer is Evan Peters who plays Peter, a mischievous mutant who uses his powers for a bit of notorious fun, and as a comedy element it works so well.

Another big surprise was the amount of action and the 3D. Days Of Future Past opens with some tremendous eye candy style action with time jumping through portals and some wicked fight skills and throughout the film, the scale lasts. I thought the 3D would just be slapped on over the top to increase ticket sales, but the 3D is some of the finest and most effective I've seen all year. The depth is wondrous, all the sets and locations, especially overhead shots as they sprawl far and out, objects float and fall from the screen and the indulgence of pop out effects really add to the effect, X-Men has never looked so good.

The highlight of the film is when Quicksilver slows down time inside the Pentagon, and takes out his assailants. It's funny, breathtaking in 3D and spectacularly crafted, and just when you thought Magneto lifting a submarine out of the sea in First Class was mind blowing, he does a whole lot more in this one involving football stadiums.

Without being convoluted or predictable, this addition to the franchise will no doubt please die hard fans and for the casual viewer it's a thrilling adventure. The morals and thematic style that looks at where mutants stand in society and what they can do for us humans. The conclusion is satisfying, and the time travel story feels fresh allowing characters we've come to enjoy watching over countless films all roll up into one. This is a proper summer blockbuster and will be hard to beat.


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