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In a brave bid to increase the White House reach to new audiences and highlight the imposing perils of Global Warming, Barack Obama is swapping Washington for Alaska to receive a "crash course in survival techniques" from celebrity daredevil, Bear Grylls.

The President of the United States states that global warming is, "one of the greatest challenges we face this century," and hopes that embarking on such a public challenge will act as a wake-up call for Climate Change deniers.

"And as long as I'm president, America will lead the world to meet the threat of climate change before it's too late."

Television network NBC has confirmed that Obama will appear in an upcoming episode of Running Wild With Bear Grylls sometime later this year. But what will the former special air service trooper force the President to do? Grylls has previously boasted about how he's pushed celebrities "beyond their limits." Although that fly swat proved that Obama is a bit of a badass, how sadistic could Running Wild get? Let's take a look...

1. Will he have to tackle great heights, like Channing Tatum?

2. Could Grylls make Barack guzzle a mouse marinated in his own urine, a la Michelle Rodriguez?

3. Maybe he'll have to leap off a freakin' huge waterfall, like Zac Efron?

4. Will he have to make like Kate Winslet and leg it, face forward, down a cliff face?

5. Or maybe Ants will be on the menu, as they were for Kate Hudson?

Whatever Obama's unforgettable adventure will be, we're positive that this will be essential viewing.

(Source: ABC)


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