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Despite the sheer size and terrifying nature of these beasts, I have the utmost respect for sharks and stand by the opinion that they are largely misunderstood creatures that have received quite a bad rep in recent decades, Jaws being partly to blame:

Having said that, the following video has made my jaw drop and consider NEVER getting back in the water ever again.

Similarly, in Australia, where encountering sharks (as well as other life-threatening creatures) is a common occurrence, Channel 9's anchor Karl Stefanovic was left gob-smacked when introducing a segment about shark researchers who have developed new technology for observing the ocean's biggest predators.

As the footage of the Great White Shark jumping out of the water in slow motion appeared on the screen, the anchor was left visibly speechless, and I don't blame him.

Just look at this absolute madness:

Yep, that is what a 4.5m monster leaping out of the ocean looks like!

Stefanovic simply had no words to describe it

And neither did his co-host, Lisa Wilkinson...

Both were scared speechless after seeing the footage, and after the long pause, Stefanovic uttered the words:

"I am never going back in the water."

To which, Wilkinson added:

"Me neither! No way! Stuff summer!"

The segment ended with the anchor advising people to just veto going into the ocean in the summer altogether. "Just go to the local pool... like that little cage is gonna help ya!" he said.

That's certainly some sound advice, Karl.

Here's the video in full:

I can't even deal.



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