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(Warning - the following contains massive, giant, hulking SPOILERS for Season 6 of Game of Thrones, and the novels on which it may well be, loosely, based. If you don't want to know anything about what may well be to come in the show - or book series - then proceed with a whole lot of caution...)

Now, between those deaths, that escape, that monarchical kidnapping and that blinding, Game of Thrones's fifth season didn't exactly wrap up in the most tightly woven fashion possible. Instead, there were more shocks, surprises and carefully dangled plot threads than you could shake a weirwood tree branch at.

And y'know what? If the novels are any guide, we're set to a see a whole lot more where that came from in Season 6. After all:

We've Got a Whole Lot of Surprises Left to Come

And, just in case you don't feel like (re)reading the books before the next season hits, here are five of the most potentially shocking, social media post-inducing things we may well see in Season 6...

(Note, the biggest reveals are SPOILER-protected, but there's still a lot you could work out from the context of the introductions to each, so tread carefully if there's Thrones-themed stuff you don't want to know...)

First up?

5. Someone Could Be Coming Back to Life

The even more surprising thing, though? It's almost certainly not who you're expecting...


We could well see the return of a seemingly very, very dead victim of the Red Wedding - Catelyn Stark - as a rampaging zombie-of-vengeance named Lady Stoneheart. In the novels, Lady Stoneheart has - alongside the Brotherhood Without Banners, who sort-of-resurrected her three days after the bloody ceremony - set out to take revenge on pretty much anyone who has ever helped - or been - a Lannister.

Even more intriguingly?

4. That Return Could Have Horrifying Consequences for Two Fan Favorites

Specifically, in the novels:

The Brotherhood Without Banners rescue Podrick Payne and Brienne from seemingly certain death - only to turn out to be working with Lady Stoneheart. Brienne is given a choice - kill Jaime Lannister to prove her loyalty, or hang. She - seemingly - chooses the former.

Which, if it happens in the show, could mean we end up watching two of the most popular characters go at it in a bloody melee of missing hands and overarching reluctance.

Meanwhile, over in Meereen:

3. Daenerys Might Be Getting a Surprising Ally or Two

Now, admittedly, if the end of Season 5 is any guide, there's a pretty good chance she won't actually be there to greet them, but as far as the books are concerned:

There are a whole lot of people heading to Meereen to either court, kidnap or serve Daenerys, including one of Theon Greyjoy's uncles, an assorted highborn Dornishman or two, and an Archmaester named Marwyn who may well have had a hand in orchestrating a whole lot more than we yet suspect.

Or, in other words? Tyrion's going to have his hands full...

2. Someone's Going to Be Horribly Murdered by a Gang of Children

At exactly the moment they, and the audience, least expect it, no less.


Remember Kevan Lannister? Tywin's younger brother, and newly appointed Hand of the King? Well, in the books, that new post doesn't last too long, with the younger Lannister being swiftly murdered by Varys (or, rather, his 'little birds'), who had been hiding within the walls of King's Landing for pretty much an entire book.

Now, that's not going to play out quite the way it did in the novels, seeing as Varys is very much in Meereen now, but don't be too surprised if Littlefinger's return to King's Landing ends badly for Kevan. A shock twist at the very end of Season 6, perhaps, that finally reveals exactly what Baelish has planned?

And, finally?

1. Someone Else Might Not Be Quite as Dead as We Think

The fan-favorite character in question?

Surprisingly, it's not Jon Snow (though he totally is going to end up being resurrected by the Red God, right?). Instead, we might - just possibly - be about to see the return of the Hound. That's right, Sandor 'The Hound' Clegane may well be far, far less dead than he has widely been assumed to be. The reason?

He may well have been spotted in the books, hiding as a novice monk on an island (known as The Quiet Isle) just down the road from where he seemingly died. Y'see, the Elder brother of that monastery tells Brienne that he personally buried Clegane after finding him lying by the roadside - and yet, there's a mysterious limping gravedigger on that same island, who seems to fit the description of The Hound... Awesomely shocking final episode reveal, anyone?

Or, y'know, none of those'll happen at all, and Season 6'll just end up being a series of increasingly hilarious snark-fests between Tyrion and Varys.

Which...would actually be pretty awesome.

Y'know what, Game of Thrones? You do you...

What do you think, though?


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