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After last week's record breaking pilot episode of Fear the Walking Dead, the numbers show that, despite a dip in numbers, audiences were still well onboard the zombie train this week!

Sunday night's episode two of Fear the Walking Dead, "So Close, Yet So Far," managed a huge 8.2 million viewers for AMC. The number is a drop from the 10.13 million who tuned in for the pilot episode (making it the most watched series premiere ever), though still an extremely impressive effort for the second episode of a new series. Of the 8.2 million who watched, 5.2 million of which were in the 18-49 year-old demographic.

Madison Vs Artie in ep 2 of Fear the Walking Dead
Madison Vs Artie in ep 2 of Fear the Walking Dead

Following Fear the Walking Dead's record-breaking series premier, AMC president, Charlie Collier released a statement giving his thanks and congratulations to the cast and crew of the show:

"Thank you and congratulations to Robert Kirkman, Dave Erickson, the brilliant executive producers and the entire cast and crew of Fear the Walking Dead. It is increasingly difficult to evaluate a show’s success on night one. However, we are releasing these live/same day ratings because Fear the Walking Dead delivered record-breaking numbers that are all the more special in this era of time-shifted viewing and audience fragmentation. To have a companion series to the #1 show on television driving communal, urgent viewing, social activity and pop cultural relevance of this magnitude is truly differentiating. Of course none of it is possible without the fans, whose passion leads to these remarkable results."
Travis, Liza and Chris meet Daniel Salazar in ep 2
Travis, Liza and Chris meet Daniel Salazar in ep 2

With impressive ratings and great reviews from critics, it looks as though AMCs decision to create a companion series to the wildly successful Walking Dead was a good one. As it stands, the audience numbers that Fear the Walking Dead has reached equal viewer numbers that The Walking Dead only managed at the very end of Season 2 and into Season 3. While this feat is something that was no doubt achieved only because of the popularity of the original show, it's still mightily impressive!

Fear the Walking Dead will now take a two week break due to Labor Day Weekend, but will return to AMC on September 13th.

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