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It is not unusual to have a crush on a famous face. Growing up, many of us probably enthusiastically littered our bedroom walls with displays of our idols or those that we may have had crushes on at the time. For most people, this crush is one that never really goes further than a fluttering heart of admiration. So it may surprise you to read that some fans not only went on to date the celebrity that they had a crush on, but went onto marry them too.

Can you guess who these people may be?

10. Jessica Alba

It was back in 2004 while filming Fantastic Four that Jessica found her Prince Charming. Cash Warren was working on set as the Production Assistant where their paths were bound to cross, but this was an encounter which changed their lives. Cash was a fan of Jessica's and this lucky man managed to captivate the heart of this actress.The two sweethearts got married in 2008 and have two daughters together.

9. Julia Roberts

This lovely actress met her husband, cameraman Daniel Moder, in 2000 on the set of The Mexican. Maybe it does not seem unusual for a cameraman to be a fan of the person he is working with, but it sure is rare to hear of this encounter blossoming into something more. Julia and Daniel tied the knot in 2002 at her ranch in Taos, New Mexico and have had three children together,

8. Tom Cruise

Did you know that Cruise's now ex-wife, Katie Holmes, was once his biggest fan? This came before she found her fame starring in Dawson’s Creek. In an interview in 2004 with Seventeen Magazine, the actress spilled a secret about her feelings growing up.

"I think every little girl dreams about her wedding. I used to think I was going to marry Tom Cruise."

Tom and Katie married two years later, but went on to divorce six years later. Here's a photo of them during happier days.

7. Nicolas Cage

This story is pretty cute. Back in 2004, Nicolas was dining at the Los Angeles restaurant Le Privé when the waitress caught his eye. Alice Kim then surprisingly and adorably became his wife that same year. They even have a son together called Kal-El Coppola Cage (incase you didn't know their kid's name is the birth name of Superman).

6. Patrick Dempsey

Have you ever noticed those luscious locks adorning the head of the Grey's Anatomy star? The lady responsible for his dreamy looking hair is his wife, Jillian Fink. The couple met after Patrick booked a hair appointment at the salon she was working at. Jillian was overjoyed, but at the same time did not believe it was him until he walked in to the salon. The two lovebirds instantly clicked as friends and soon began dating just a few years later. The couple got married in 1999. Sadly, earlier this year it was revealed that the couple were getting divorced, but let's remember them for the good times.

5. Reese Witherspoon

Reese's husband may be in the industry, but first and foremost, he was a huge fan of hers. It was not the industry that brought them together but a chance encounter. If you don't believe in fate, it's probably time to start believing now. The actress told Elle Magazine how it all came about on a night out.

"This really drunk guy was hitting on me, making such an idiot of himself, yelling at me. He was like slurring, "You don't know me." And I was like, "Yeah, I know. I don't know you! Jim came over and said, "Please excuse my friend. He's just broken up with someone." And I remember thinking, his friend is such an ass, what a jerk. And that Jim was a really good friend, pulling him out of that situation."

In 2011, Reece legally married Jim Toth. Amazingly, Jim is a talent agent and co-head of the Creative Artists Agency, Reece is even a client there! How adorable are they, he represents his woman!

4. Tobey Maguire

The Spider-Man star spun a web and caught Jennifer Meyer's heart after she was introduced to him on the set of his 2003 film Seabiscuit. The couple were engaged three years later and were married in 2007. This adorable couple have two children together with equally cute names, Ruby Sweetheart Maguire and Otis Tobias Maguire.

3. Jerry Seinfeld

The comedian's marriage to Jessica Sklar is certainly no joke. The couple met at the gym and have since been very serious about each other. At the time of their first encounter, Jessica was married and famously dumped her husband shortly after their honeymoon to be with Jerry. She was a huge fan of his and they have been together since.

2. Marcia Cross

It was the humble flower that helped the Desperate Housewives star find love. The actress bravely made the first move on her now husband, Tom Mahoney, after meeting him at an L.A flower shop in 2004, she decided to leave her number with the store owner. Tom was a fan of Marcia and of course got in touch, and adorably, two years later the couple got married. The couple have twin daughters together called Savannah and Eden.

1. Matt Damon

Back in 2003, Matt was filming for his comedy Stuck on You when he managed to meet his other half in a bar. Luciana Barroso was a huge fan of Matt's and a barmaid working in Miami. Damon found himself at the bar after filming had stopped for the day. It was love at first sight and the couple got married in 2005 and have four daughters together. In an interview with The Guardian, Damon revealed:

"My wife is my soul mate. I can't imagine being without her."

Can you think of any celebrities that I may have missed out who married their fans?


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