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(Warning - the following may contain minor plot SPOILERS for the upcoming Suicide Squad - though not a whole lot more than the recent trailer revealed...)

Now, Suicide Squad may have wrapped principal photography, but with the film industry being the vastly complicated beast it now is, that doesn't mean it's actually all that close to locking down filming. While the film's main cast may now be sunning themselves on a beach somewhere, or moving on to their next, less DC-themed project, their stunt doubles, along with a large chunk of the crew, are still hard at work.

And y'know what that means?

Batman Was Just Spotted on the Suicide Squad Set Again

Now, the last time we saw a glimpse of the Batman on set, it rapidly resulted in that above scene turning up in the film's trailer - in which the Dark Knight pursues The Joker and Harley Quinn on top of a shiny red sports car.

Now, though (and this is where those SPOILERS kick in)...

It Looks as Though We Know How That Chase Is Going to End

And, in classic superhero movie fashion, it'll be both spectacular, and highly destructive. Specifically, thanks to the latest images from, it looks as though this car... going to go through this fence:

Which you can see for yourself in this here video from the set:

The big question now, though?

What Does That Mean for The Joker?

After all, the main implication of the shot always very much seemed to be that the scene in question depicted Batman initially capturing The Joker and Harley Quinn, perhaps in a pre-credits sequence that establishes why they're in prison during the movie proper.

Which, with the scene seemingly ending on a major crash, might now be a little more likely - since chances are the movie isn't going to end with Batman slightly anticlimactically capturing the pair after they plunge into the harbor. Starting with that, though? That's a whole lot more plausible...

Is that our best glimpse yet at the movie's opening scene/lead flashback, then, perhaps?

What do you think?



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