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A lot of ridiculous happenings occurred at this year's VMAs: Justin Bieber got emotional and cried after performing two of his newest songs. Nicki Manaj made up with Taylor Swift, but threw some outward shade towards Miley Cyrus.

Also, if you didn't think this year's elections were somewhat of an embarrassing joke for America with Donald Trump and Deez Nuts running for president, we have 2020 to look forward to, as Kanye declared his intention to run for office.

Out of the three, I'd hands down vote for Deez Nuts.

Despite the fact that vivacious and controversial Miley was the host, and all the drama that happens when popstar divas (this includes Kanye) are forced to interact with each other, the rating for the VMAs dropped yet again.

This year, the show accumulated 9.8 million viewers, meaning there has been a 5 percent drop from 2014. This also means there has been a 13 percent decrease in viewers since 2013. No wonder Bieber was sobbing.

Surprisingly, we do know which screens people's eyes were glued to, as the show garnered 21.4 million tweets. In comparison, it's not too far below the 25.1 million times people tweeted about this year's Super Bowl.

This just proves the shift of what truly counts: TV ratings don't matter as much as the activity on social media and how many online viewers one can stockpile on online streaming platforms.

So wipe your crocodile tears, Bieber, and stop acting like you're in high school Nicki, Taylor, and Miley. You have more important matters to worry about; like West 2020.

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