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Wes Craven may have passed away, but his legend lives on in his films, most particularly his widely known horror movies.

Did Nightmare on Elm Street keep you from falling asleep for fear of Freddy Krueger? Did the Scream series cause you to screen all your calls? Does The Hills Have Eyes still make you weary of going on a road trip through the desert with your family in case some savages were to attack?

I may be in my mid-twenties, but I recently stumbled onto my brother's Ghostface mask hanging up in his closet, and I swear my heart skipped 10 beats.

In this rare treasure of a video, Wes Craven lets us into the inner workings of his highly imaginative and brilliant mind. He tells us the story of how Freddy's freaky finger blade gloves came into fruition.

His thought process is insane. For him to gather inspiration from the primal fear of claws and combining it with something so human as the hand is beyond genius to me.

He mentions how thin and delicate the skin is, which is why the thought of a blade cutting into a human is so incredibly terrifying.

Thank you so much for the nightmares, Wes. Thank you so much for making me afraid of phone numbers I don't recognize and for causing me to stay up at night, fearing for my life.

I assure you I'm not sarcastic. As an immense horror buff, I enjoy feeling the hairs on the back of my neck stand, the goosebumps on my arms form, and the ability to suddenly hear every single slight noise in my apartment. Craven could creep me out like no other, and for that I thank him.

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