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Artist Fede Ponce, who created the Iron Man logo, released some alternate versions that they almost went with for the now iconic one they chose as part of the character's inclusion in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I think they chose the right one, which you can find below:

Here's what the artist had to say about the design process...

"We go through a lot of iterations and concepts when designing. For this particular case, I had read the script and was able to grasp what the director wanted to talk about in this movie. The movie in essence is about redemption, about being broken and being re-born. So the main title had all those elements in it"

Here are the iterations they went through to get to the final version above.

The one that kind of looks like the suit itself

The one that looks kind of like what you might screw onto a plaque

The one that is probably too bright

The one that is probably way too confusing

The one that is actually pretty good, but seems way different than what they finished with

The one that is a little too icy cold

The one that may have worked but seems a little cartoonish

The one that is the same as the last but also has the suit in the background

The one that's pretty awesome but looks like a different movie

The one that, honestly, might be the best alternate version

What do you think? Were any of these as good as the final product?



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