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News on the block is that one third of the Kardashian sister clan is eager to leave the family's reality show Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Yep, apparently Kourtney is considering turning her back on the show that made her family world famous. Since splitting from Scott Disick, the mother-of-three is looking for a way our of the next season, despite the rest of the family crew signing up for a four-year deal. The reason being her inability to be around her ex and the fact that she doesn't want the ins and outs of their relationship to be aired for the whole world to gander at on TV.

And insider told the media that:

“Kourtney has wanted to leave reality television for some time now, and does not plan on resigning onto another contract once this one is up.”

Kourtney and Scott's turbulent relationship

Over the years, there has been much focus on the volatile relationship between the two, with many highs and lows concerning Scott's behavior. And it seems that Kourtney simply can't take it anymore - the thought of working alongside him is just too much.

Apparently, she has gone as far to say that she will refuse to film scenes if her ex is on the show.

In the meantime, Kourtney is devoting most of her time to her three children, particularly little Reign, the youngest of the bunch following Mason, five, and Penelope, three.

At least her adorable kids are keeping her in good spirits!



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