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Thinking back to the some of the most memorable games form my childhood is enough to send nostalgic chills down my spine, reminding me of the colorful digital worlds I spent my far too much of my youth exploring.

The following old school PlayStation games are desparately in need of a modern revival, making use of the latest graphical technologies that could completely redefine classic dormant franchises. Which one most deserves to be resurrected?

1. Jak and Daxter

Year: 2001

This sprawling, vibrant platformer was a groundbreaking achievement upon its release, boasting a colorful open world that was miraculously free from loading screens. Though they're busy with Uncharted, I'd love to see Naughty Dog revive this classic franchise so I can collect every Precursor Orb in glorious HD!

2. Spider-Man

Year: 2000

Still the best Spider-Man game ever made in my books, this PS1 classic might not have been a looker but it more than made up for it with its hugely enjoyable web-slinging gameplay.

3. Medal of Honor: Underground

Year: 2000

Medal of Honor: Underground was my first foray into first-person shooters, and though the franshise might have lost its way in modern years, there's no denying the quality of the originals. I'm raring to liberate occupied Europe one more time!

4. Theme Hospital

Year: 1997

Who knew managing a hospital could be so fun? Although my own institution's mortality rate was more dire than I care to admit, I'm committed to finding the cure to the dreaded bloaty head syndrome on new consoles.

5. Crazy Taxi

Year: 2001

This manic taxi racer was a blast on arcades, and made the transition to the PlayStation 2 with all its original, insane charm intact. Though there's been a recent iPhone version, I'd love to whiz through the streets against the clock in stunning HD.

6. SSX Tricky

Year: 2001

Arguably the greatest snowboarding game ever released, SSX Tricky had it all: expertly designed courses, a killer hit-filled soundtrack and hugely addictive gameplay. 2012's reboot came close to reviving my childhood snow-carving days, but didn't quite capture Tricky's unique sense of style.

7. Crash Bandicoot

Year: 1996

Naughty Dog's second game on this list was one of the finest on PlayStation. The wacky platformer saw Crash spinning through wumpa fruit in a bid to take down the dastardly Neo Cortex. A reboot has been tumored for years now - some on Sony, let's do this!

8. Spyro the Dragon

Year: 1998

No doubt a staple in every 90s-born gamer's life, Spyro set the watermark for accessibe platforming, and though the eponymous dragon has now made his foray into the toys to life market via Skylanders, a return to his bread and butter roots seems more than a little overdue.

9. Road Rash

Year: 1998

Though the better version was undoubtedly on the Sega Genesis, the PS1 port certainly held its own. Whipping a weaponsized chain at rival racers never got old, but the game's blurry textures certianly did. With a graphical lick of paint, Road Rash could undoubtedly rekindle its former glory.

10. Speed Freaks

Year: 2000

I must've played an ungodly amount of this retro kart racer back in the day, pulverizing foes with power-ups and drifting through the perfect racing line. 15 years after its release, I'm gagging to get back in the drivers seat.


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