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By Grabthar's hammer and by the suns of Worvan, Galaxy Quest shall rise again. The characters once told us to "Never give up, never surrender!" The creators of this film certainly never gave up. Galaxy Quest is coming back to unleash more space adventures in a brand new reboot.

Incase you need a recap: This epic film followed the stories of the stars from a 1970s sci-fi show who were scraping by off of the little money from long forgotten re-runs and small appearances at conventions. When suddenly, they found themselves beamed aboard an all too real alien spacecraft. The band of aliens, believing that the crew they had just snagged was a legitimate crew, decided to rope them into saving their ailing planet.

What can we expect from the reboot?

EW exclusively dropped the news, letting us know that Amazon Studios is currently developing a series based on the beloved 1999 sci-fi hit. Amazon will be partnering up with Paramount Television for this next take-off into outer space.

The show is at an early stage of development, it has not yet been revealed if any of the original cast will be taking up their roles, or if it will be a complete and thorough reboot of the idea. I am really holding out for Alan Rickman joining the cast again, no matter which way this goes.

Amazingly, the behind-the-scenes will be very much the same. The co-writer of the film, Robert Gordon, will pen the script and executively produce the pilot. The original director of the film, Dean Parisot, will be both Executive Producer and Director. Executive Producers Mark Johnson and Melissa Bernstein are even jumping on on-board again, too.

If Galaxy Quest does get the official go-ahead to pilot, followed by a series, I really believe that it will be in the best galactic hands to head off into the right direction. The original cast included Sam Rockwell, Sigourney Weave, Tim Allen and Alan Rickman. What a lineup! Can we get any of them back? I wonder how much convincing it will take for the actors to step back into the shoes of their former characters. Does anyone want to start a petition? Let's do this.

Incase you need a reminder of the fun, feast on the original Galaxy Quest trailer:


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