ByPaul Achilles D'Aigle, writer at
Paul Achilles D'Aigle
Yvonne Strahovski, 2. Amber Heard They all have the acting chops, but, she's the only one that has the look I'd like to see in the character. Emily Blunt is too thin and has too easy of an angry look. Emilia is too small (I adore short, but not for a superhero) and too well known to stick with Marvel over the long haul. Natalie Dormer has an insidious/evil look to her that's perfect for so many roles, just not my idea of CM. Charlize would be awesome, but another whose too big for the long haul. Dakota Fanning, way too frail looking. Michelle Rodriguez has the perfect character, but like the rest on the list, doesn't fit that blonde CM I want to see. Sure, they can dye their hair, but it wouldn't fit the look right. Even Amber Heard, even though she's #2 on my on-list choice, might have a bit too much of that 'model beauty' to her. I'd prefer someone that looks as normal/real as strong in character. Off-list: I don't know the actresses at all, but Grace's post (below) pick of Indiana Evans (or Ashley Benson) would be great, IF they went young version. Of All: 1. Yvonne Strahovski, 2. Katheryn Winnick, 3. Amber Heard

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