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Sad news, Under the Dome fans. Not only is the Season 3 finale coming next week, CBS has just announced that the episode will also serve as the culmination of the entire series.

After ratings started to slow in the show's second season, the Stephen King adaptation struggled to maintain the early success it found right after its premiere. As a result, the network opted to cancel the thrilling series, but at least it's finale will answer some of the most pressing questions.

According to executives at CBS, the ultimate episode will show the Dome come down and answer at least some of the lingering questions about its origin and power.

Hopefully, it will be a satisfying enough conclusion to the diehard fans of the show who hoped to see the story extend even after the Dome's collapse. Abrupt cancelations like this rarely bode well for wrapping up all the loose threads, but at least it will finish the season-long arcs.

The final episode of Under the Dome will air on September 10th.

(Source: Variety)


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