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Mark Newton

It's no secret that Steven R. McQueen really wants to be Nightwing, and it's something he's sure to remind us of regularly.

At the moment, TNT's Titans live-action television series seems to be our best bet of seeing Batman's black and blue protege on the small screen. Although currently that project appears to be mired in quasi-development hell. Despite this, it seems McQueen is happily to subtly market himself for the Nightwing role on Instagram.

The Vampire Diaries star recently posted up an image which featured some of the comic-book goodies that have been sent to him by fans. Among the haul is a Nightwing hoodie and a collection of comic including four Nightwing editions from the 1990s.

This makes McQueen just one of the growing number of stars who've been using social media to drum up support for a superhero casting. Usually, it doesn't work, but the fact McQueen is being sent anything at least suggests there are some out there who think he can handle the job. What do you think?

Source: ComicBook


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