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Timothy Mashburn

The gaming\console war has got to stop,people play video games to have fun not be screamed at about what console you play on.Here is some history for you, In 1972 the first official Home Gaming system was releases to the public, The Magnavox Odyssey.The creator was Ralph Baer.I do not know the exact number but a large about of crime stopped when the home console became affordable for the everyday working man. Why,Is This? Its is because the video game gave people something to do,something to keep them busy. As the games got better the people played more and crime dropped more.Now don't get me wrong there is still crime, alot of crime .but blaming games is not what you should do. Now with saying all that I can say that when the home console became big so did the lack of parenting ,Parents are busy so they sit their Kids in front of the tv and let them play, that is fine but its the parents who don't care what the kids are doing as long as they leave the parents alone, that is when gaming becomes bad, The home console is not a live in nanny. Then when the kid does something wrong the parents blame the game , Do they ever stop and think maybe if I had been watching them they would not have done that, No because it is easy to blame the game because the game can not fight back. So you might be wondering what this has to do with the console war well it has alot to do with it. Ok so we have the crime part out of the way we can talk about the ESRB rating system. The ESRB is the organization that rates a game based on the content. Started back in the 70's or 80's its job it to let people\parents know what are in games what they should or should not let kids play. It is not a tool to help sell the game like most people use it .The games are rated based on whats in them if it is ok for kids it will be rated E or E10 Or T. Gaming is good for you it can help your eyes and help you work problems out faster and better.Ok So here we go into the console war. People argue about what console you play on ,what games you play. Gaming is meant to bring people together not push them apart. What does it matter what I play on, what i spend my money on. I am what I call a gaming chameleon I like all consoles and all games. So lets all be friend and play what we like. I dream of a day when every console is treated the same and all the gamers are accepted and look at like equals. and all the console servers merge


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