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We haven't got long to go until Brooklyn Nine-Nine returns on September 27th, and so far season 3 is shaping up to be very exciting! After the tearjerking departure of Holt and Gina at the end of season 2, not to mention Jake and Amy's kiss (finally!), we're all dying to see what happens next. So if you want a breakdown of everything we know so far, look no further for all your Brooklyn Nine Nine season 3 needs!

The Nine-Nine After Holt

After two years of seeing Holt slowly open up and become more relaxed around his squad, it was heartbreaking to watch him leave the command that he'd worked so hard for all his life. Initially introduced as the uptight foil to Jake's childish cop, Holt has really endeared himself to fans of the show, and it's difficult to imagine the precinct without Holt's deadpan humour to offset the squad's madcap shenanigans.

Jake and Holt part as unlikely friends
Jake and Holt part as unlikely friends

With any luck Holt and Gina won't be gone for long, and creator Mike Schur has been quick to assure us that we will see the finale's plot threads resolved in the first episode of season 3.

"The goal of this premiere was to say, “We’re not going to leave anybody hanging. We’re going to answer all the questions you have about those cliffhangers in the first episode.” You see Captain Holt in his new position in the PR department with Gina, and his new life is described in the first episode."

This is going to be an interesting change of pace for the show: by plunging Holt and Gina into a new situation the dynamic will definitely shift. There's been no news about how long the two will be stuck in this new department, but it's a fair bet to assume it'll be a few episodes before we see them back at the Nine-Nine - why waste this opportunity to introduce new characters?

Speaking of which, there's a new captain in town in the form of SNL veteran Bill Hader.

Organised and efficient.
Organised and efficient.

While he and Andy Samberg have teamed up many times before, it's safe to say that we'll be seeing a new kind of relationship from them in Brooklyn Nine-Nine: described only as "efficient", Hader's captain will have to face a resentful squad in the wake of Holt's departure, so it's unlikely we'll see Hader and Samberg up to their old tricks.

But it's not all doom and gloom! There's also lots of romance on the horizon for season 3...

Love Isn't Easy

Episode 1 will also deal with Jake and Amy's relationship, which is complicated to say the least. Both have admitted having feelings for each other, but they've also agreed not to date. But then they kissed! Three times! Granted, the first two kisses were just "cover", but that third kiss looked pretty real to me...

Talk about mixed messages. Resolving Jake and Amy's relationship is definitely going to be a focal point for the first few episodes of season 3. But that doesn't mean it'll be easy, as producer Dan Goor reveals.

"It’s not smooth sailing from here on out. They work together, they’re different personalities. They kissed in a moment of trauma, and now they have to figure out what’s happening."

Can't these kids just work it out already? But it would be far too easy for Jake and Amy to just jump into a relationship: after two seasons of build up we know just how complex their friendship is. Suffice to say we can't wait to see the two cops finally talk frankly about their feelings, after dancing around each other for so long!

Jake and Amy aren't the only ones dealing with romance. Season 3 will see Boyle get not one, but two different love interests! The contenders for his heart are Mary Lynn Rajskub's Genevive, a gallery owner, and Lt Thakurta, a vivacious cop played by Archie Panjabi who knows how to get what she wants...

New photo from episode 2!
New photo from episode 2!

Who will Boyle choose? It's gonna be a tough decision for him, and it's nice to see the kind hearted cop get some romance, especially after his last two notable relationships ended in disaster.

Suffice to say, season 3 is already very intriguing. So what do you want to see happen next season? Let us know in the comments, or write your own post!


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