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This movie was seriously weird. So then I guess the movie title does fit the plot? But then again, there's still problems with that. Firstly are you seriously telling me somebody would literally grow a kid.

Yeah sure we can take it as a fantasy but why a 10 year-old boy? I mean they didn't specify that in their little note did they? I mean they did everything else, but I just don't remember a whole lot of specification, especially when they bring up the loophole later on in the story. I mean it was like one writer guy who suddenly woke up from his acid like dream and was like wait but they didn't specify what team the boy; Timothy Green, should score for or against. I mean seriously?

And also what's up with the parents. I get this may be perhaps like a comedy or whatever but I mean hair on moles and kicking people in their faces was funny? Okay, the kicking part was pretty funny, but the hair on the mole was a little creepy and a little weird. But I digress, let's move into the parents themselves. We learn that the parents are desperate for a kid(Why?) and finds that they can't bear a child but still strive to get one. So why not adoption? And again by the end of this they literally try to adopt a child and is able to, oh and also the movie/story is being told in the adoption agency.

I guess the people at the adoption agency had nothing other to do huh? They were just like "What? No more appointments? Oh well let's hear this stupid little story of yours" I mean even the face of the person listening to the story isn't convinced and yet, at the end of this they allow it almost to rub it in your face saying "Here have some forced humanity!" Yeah they sure deserve it. The parents completely ignore the fact they have a responsibility to Timothy and in preserving his life, I mean he's literally a plant. Like Dipper said "I could not be making this up if I wanted to" And they don't try to make him feel like he's accepted nor allowed Timothy to have interaction with the person that does make him feel accepted. I mean why?

And at the end of this the parents are just like "We're going to make new mistakes" I mean yeah this is a joke but seriously, I mean parents are supposed to make mistakes but they are supposed to learn from them as well and grow from there to be better parents. I don't think any parents would find this Ha Ha funny, but maybe a little chuckle, as really we can't fault them all too much after all they are humans and are allowed mistakes

And maybe that was the message but again maybe put a little more effort into trying to make sure the parents actually want to take responsibility. I mean yeah sure a few times they do. But still I mean,they weren't really like doing it for him, they were mostly doing it for themselves. Especially when the soccer game happened and with the music and other implanted personalities to Timothy(no pun intended). I wished that they had a little more seriousness to it. Maybe I think this was supposed to be a full out comedy like Alexander and the terrible, no good, very bad day. I mean it was released in somewhat close proximity of the time range. But still, I guess some were messing around and said, " hey, why don't we put a little seriousness in this", and then the seriousness consumed the comedy a little, and so that just put a sour taste in my mouth.

At the end of the day it was a fun little ditty and maybe could be one of my guilty pleasures, but in the end I feel there could have been a lot of other ways they could take and make this a lot better. For now, it will forever stay the same, and still it is a shame.

timothy green poster
timothy green poster

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