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Independent horror is trumping the big Hollywood productions in this day-in-age. With the 2007 birth of Trick-r-Treat, anthology style films have become the epicenter of horror entertainment. There have been more than a few cranked out in the last couple of years, but none of them have matched up to the quality of Trick-r-Treat; that is until now. A group of filmmakers from Kentucky have come together to create a new anthology that horror fans can be proud of, say hello to Volumes of Blood. Writer/director/producer P.J. Starks has given Moviepilot an exclusive clip from one of the segments of the film, Encyclopedia Satanica.

Kevin Roach as Derek
Kevin Roach as Derek

Segment plot:

Paige faces regrets that she'd do anything to take back. When an ancient and arcane spell book literally falls into her lap, she decides to make a grave decision. Be careful what you wish for, it might just kill you.

Encyclopedia Santanica was written by Todd Martin and Nathan Thomas Milliner (Milliner is best known for his captivating horror artwork), and Milliner also directed the segment. The piece was produced by P.J. Starks and Jim Blanton.

Kevin Roach as Derek
Kevin Roach as Derek

The clip stars Kristine Renee Farley as Paige and Kevin Roach as Derek. Sit back, relax and prepare for the mayhem that is Encyclopedia Satanica.

Exclusive Clip:

Like what you see? Catch Volumes of Blood in its entirety at HorrorHound Weekend in Indianapolis and ScareFest 8 in Lexington, both conventions fall on the weekend of September 11-13th.

Be sure to support independent horror y liking the Volumes of Blood Facebook page and by following @VolumesofBlood on twitter.


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